Latin Pop Star Ricky Martin Takes His Kids On Tour

Ricky Martin will be hitting the road for his world tour in April, starting in New Zealand and coming into the U.S. starting in September. This time around, Martin will be taking along 6-year-old twin sons Valentino and Matteo. He will out to promote his new album, A Quien Quiera Escuchar(To Whoever Wants To Listen). This will be Martin’s first studio released album since 2011, which was a difficult time for Martin as he was struggling with the decision to come out with his sexuality publicly.

The Latin sensation has had a busy plate juggling single fatherhood, The Voice Australia, The Voice Mexico, a clothing line, and trying to record this new album which was made across four continents. Ricky has also been working on a school in Puerto Rico that will help children at risk of violence or abuse.

Now that Martin will be headed back out on the road and taking his boys with him, he is being asked about how stable it is for them to travel with him all the time. In a recent interview with Billboard, the pop star answered by saying,

I have sons who are warriors and who were born on tour and don’t know anything else. They’re road babies. Some people say, your kids need stability, and I say, I’m their stability. They feel unstable if I’m not there.

Ricky tells the Miami Herald that his two sons are amazing, healthy, strong, powerful, witty, really cool.

My priority is my kids and the rest comes afterwards, but it has never sabotaged my career. On the contrary, when it’s time to work I have more energy, I’m more focused, I have more passion.

Martin first bursted into the pop music scene as a fresh-faced 12-year-old in the Latin group Menudo. Ricky stayed with the group for five years, and then left to pursue a solo career. He released several Spanish solo albums throughout the ’90s. In 1999 he was asked to perform at the 41st Grammy Awards, and Martin performed Cup Of Life, which is what originally thrust him into the forefront of the English language pop scene. Following that successful song, he then released Livin La Vida Loca, which became a worldwide hit, and really started making it easier for Spanish artists to transition into the English language music culture.

Ricky Martin has spent much of his life in the spotlight, but he has always remained true to the things he believes in and has remained closest to those who love him. His number one focus will always be his two sons Matteo and Valentino. Last year it was reported by the Inquisitr the Martin was even going to publish a book about his life and experiences of being a father.

Ricky stated, “I think it’s time to write about things I’ve been through with my kids that I’m sure many daddies out there will understand.”

Martin’s dedication to his boys is amazing considering his schedule, and you can count on seeing all the Martin boys traveling together this year when his tour hits cities worldwide.

[Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images]