‘Bachelor’ Virgin Ashley Iaconetti On Chris Soules: ‘Could I Really Survive On The Farm?’

Bachelor star Ashley Iaconetti came on the show with a big secret that she felt was a game changer. Ashley quickly revealed to the viewers that she was indeed a virgin, and it took her some time and courage to tell Chris Soules about her lack of sexual experience. But he didn’t seem to mind, and he kept her around for a few weeks.

But Ashley Iaconetti was sent home this week alongside Kelsey Poe, who was convinced that Soules was the one for her. While Poe could see herself on the Iowa farm, Ashley – who was labeled as a Kardashian-wannabe, may not be able to do the same. As some viewers pointed out, Chris’ hometown may not even have a salon, so she could get her eyelashes done.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Ashley Iaconetti is now revealing how she really feels about the Bachelor experience. And despite really digging Chris, she admits that she may not have been able to live on the farm.

“When you are in that environment, your complete focus is on Chris,” Ashley Iaconetti has revealed, adding, “I really did have strong feelings for him and I was just really attracted to him. And then you separate yourself from the situation and you’re like, ‘okay, let’s be real. Could I really survive on the farm?’ Yeah I could. But would I be happy?”

Ashley Iaconetti quickly realized that Chris Soules would not choose love over his lifestyle. In defense of Soules, the women knew that his life was on the farm prior to joining the show. But Iaconetti has now realized just how important the farm is to Chris. And while she couldn’t see herself on the farm, Ashley hopes that the girls will realize that Chris won’t leave the farm behind for them.

“He loves the farm,” Ashley said, adding, “It’s really cute to listen to him talk about it. He loves it.”

Of course, this week’s episode was very dramatic. Ashley Iaconetti was sent home because Soules may have thought that she was too immature and dramatic for his calm farm life. According to the Inquisitr, rumors are swirling that he has found his true love. Rumor has it that he got engaged on the finale and that they are still together.

Despite a few breakup rumors, it appears that Soules is indeed happily engaged, even if it is not with Iaconetti.

What do you think of Ashley Iaconetti not being fit for farm life?

[Image via ABC]