McDonalds Customer Vomits For Days After Biting Into A ‘Red Raw’ Burger

A McDonalds customer who was served a burger that looked cooked on the outside but was ‘pure raw’ on the inside was bedridden and vomiting profusely for days after his brief encounter with the fast food snack from hell.

Before having his faith in the golden arches shaken irrevocably by his “raw deal,” 28-year-old Byron Thomas was a fan of McDonalds and saw nothing sinister about the food prepared and cooked in the busy kitchens of the flame-haired clown.

That is until an unsuspecting Byron took his 13-year-old stepdaughter Katie for a quarter pounder with cheese meal at his local McDonalds that didn’t quite go according to plan.

Taking his meal deal back to his car and no doubt relishing getting properly tucked into his fast food treat, Byron opened his mouth wide and took an almighty bite out of his beloved burger only to notice it left rather a peculiar taste in his mouth. “What could it be?” He idly wondered.

Casually glancing down, Byron was mortified to find that apart from the light brown top layer, the rest of his burger was raw, red raw, as in uncooked animal flesh.

“I was getting a bit of tea with my stepdaughter and I was in the car when I bit into it and thought it looked strange. Then I looked down and the outside was light brown but the rest of it inside was pure raw. I spat out what was in my mouth straight away, it was absolutely disgusting.”

Stricken with horror and reeling with the realization that McDonald’s could be so negligent and sloppy as to serve him an uncooked quarter pounder, the Mirror reports that the furious dad promptly marched his vile meal deal back into the branch at the Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton to vent his spleen and air his disgust.

Did the McDonalds staff member responsible for serving up this uncooked sacrilege throw themselves onto their knees and beg Byron’s forgiveness for having disgraced the golden arches in such a slovenly way? Did they hell. Byron alleged that the manager just offered to cook him another burger, which judging by that particular establishment’s previous offering is the last thing any sane individual would want.

To add insult to injury, the McDonald’s manager thought he could confiscate Byron’s uncooked burger and stop him going public with it, but the cunning fast food fan wasn’t about to give up his raw meat without a fight.

“I went straight back in there but the manager didn’t look too bothered. The manager gave me head office’s number and I rang them but they said they couldn’t do anything until they had a report. He just said ‘sorry I’ll cook you another burger’. But I refused to eat that and refused to give him the raw burger because he wanted to take it away.”

“There were about 10 customers in the queue who just walked out when I showed them how disgusting it was. They couldn’t give me a refund because they had already messed up my order three times and given me my money back for that.”

In the early hours of the next morning and with the offending meat safely in his possession, Byron was sick with suspected food poisoning. However, his hellish ordeal was only just beginning.

“I was up being sick at 4am the next morning and I am still being ill on and off now. I have Ulcerative Colitis so it doesn’t help my stomach when I am eating completely raw meat.”

Byron, who works as a health and safety trainer on the railways, is now planning on contacting his local environmental health officer to make an official complaint.

One thing’s for sure; he’s vowed never again to sit at Ronald McDonald’s table and partake in the clown’s offerings.

“We only pop to McDonald’s for a treat every now and then but there is no way me or any of my friends or family will ever be going there again.”

{Photo Via Justin Sullivan, Getty Images}