From Valentine's Day Lingerie To Valentine's Gifts For Him, 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'-Themed Gift Guide [Photos]

Valentine's Day has become a day that symbolizes love, romance, roses, and a heck of a lot of pressure for the shopping-challenged. Whether you're seeking heart-themed lingerie or Valentine's gifts for your boyfriend, becoming aware of what's hot (and what's really, really not) can help.

The newest entries into the Valentine's Day arena of gifts have resulted from the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, reports Time. And if you're thinking that sounds, well, kinky, it's not necessarily so.

For example, consider an adorable teddy bear. Yes, he's wearing a cute Christian Grey suit and has accessories such as handcuffs, a tie, and an eye mask, but wouldn't he make a great talking point for a businessman boyfriend's executive suite?

Whether it's a Valentine's Day gift for him or for her, an unusual wine can be fine. And what could be more unusual than one labeled Fifty Shades of Grey?

What to get the man who has everything? A practical gift with a touch of the naughty comes already packaged, thanks to a laundry detergent company.

When it comes to Valentine's Day lingerie gifts, tailoring your choice to the woman's body type and preferences is key, according to the Huffington Post.

For the woman who likes Fifty Shades of Grey, lingerie with kittens and puppies or pretty little hearts woven into girly ruffles may not impress. Instead, consider something more daring. You can even draw inspiration from your favorite female film stars.

What if you're on a budget? As the Inquisitr reported, you can take advantage of the President's Day sales starting now combined with the Valentine's Day price reductions on certain items.

Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart have kick-started your shopping list with ongoing President's Day sales. Add in discounts designed for Valentine's Day shoppers, and you can find an item such as a matching sexy bra and panties at highly reduced prices.

And for those who are feeling shy about the entire Fifty Shades of Grey, consider a truly unique gift by rescuing a cat or dog from an animal shelter, suggests ABC News.

For just $10, Best Friends Animal Society is offering a nationwide pet adoption program called "The One." Just be sure to check with your special someone before you choose a live gift.

And if it's a boy dog, you could even name him Christian Grey to stay true to the Fifty Shades of Grey theme.

[Photo By Mike Coppola/Getty Images]