New York Principal Caught On Audio Verbally Abusing, Berating, Bullying Special Needs Students

WARNING: The above video contains offensive and disturbing language.

An elementary school principal in Rockland County, New York has been caught on audio bullying, threatening, and berating special needs students at her school.

“This is a retard! How embarrassing, a disgusting embarrassment, get him out of my sight.”

Kimberly Taylor, principal at The Hilltop School, delivered her bullying tirade to the group of special-needs students in 2011, but the incident is only now gaining attention in the national media. That’s because the man who caught the incident on his mobile device, former teacher’s aide Kenneth Egan, just recently released the audio to local news station WABC (New York).

Egan claims that he complained, several times, to school administrators about Taylor’s behavior toward the special-needs students in their school. He says his complaints were ignored.

“I’ve seen her grab kids. Push kids. Throw kids.”

He claims that, just weeks before he was to receive tenure, according to New York Daily News, he was fired. He believes his firing is retribution for blowing the whistle on the principal, and he is suing his former employer, both to get his job back and to have principal Taylor removed from her job.

Contacted by WABC about one of their employees being caught bullying special needs students, the superintendent for Hilltop School issued a brief statement.

“The situation occurred more than three years ago. It involved a personnel matter that was addressed at that time. We maintain an outstanding academic program.”

Do you believe that principal Taylor should be fired – retroactively, and three years after the fact – for bullying special needs students? Do you think Egan deserves to get his job back? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images AsiaPac]