‘Batman V Superman’ Cast Includes Christina Wren As Major Carrie Farris

Christina Wren will be reprising her role as Major Carrie Farris in Batman v Superman, she recently revealed in an interview.

In the piece, published by Pittsburgh Magazine, Wren — who is a native of Pittsburgh — explains how she got her role in Man of Steel. After starring in the obscure, low-budget 2009 film, Saudade, which was directed by her husband, Demetrius, her co-star Adam David Thompson, suggested her name for a commercial.

“(Thompson) was also working in a casting office that was casting an Athenos hummus commercial…he said, ‘I think my friend Christina would be right for this.'” Wren got the part — and director Zack Snyder happened to see the ad. Months later, Wren was on the set of Man of Steel. Snyder liked her role so much that she was cast again for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and she knows how lucky she is to be starring in two superhero blockbusters.

“I don’t think I ever would’ve been cast in that role if it was going through a traditional process. No agent would’ve said a 5-foot-1 girl who looks fairly young would be perfect for this military role…It’s such a well-oiled machine. I got lucky and slipped through those cracks in a fun way.

Christina Wren at Man of Steel premiere
Christina Wren at Man Of Steel World Premiere - Red Carpet (Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

If you don’t remember Christina Wren in Man of Steel, she is the Major who can’t keep her eyes off of Superman (Henry Cavill) and tells her commanding officer “I just think he’s kinda hot.” The actress shared that the casting director for Batman v Superman called her personally to invite her to reprise the role of Major Farris.

“(After the Athenos hummus commercial,) Zack Snyder…had his casting director track me down. I didn’t know what I was auditioning for; it was called ‘Untitled Warner Bros. Project’…They got back to me a few days later and asked if I would audition for a part as a military officer. I was trying to figure out — is this a sci-fi? Is this a military movie?… I (asked), ‘Am I allowed to know what the movie is?’ And they said, ‘You can’t tell anybody — but it’s the new Superman movie.”

Wren also revealed that she completed the scenes for her role in Batman v Superman in Detroit in August and “a bit in September.” As expected, the cast member can’t say much about the film, but promises it will not disappoint.


“I can tell you that I think it’s going to be badass! They’re just such an awesome team. The bits that I was on set for look fantastic; everyone in it is fantastic. It’s exciting; it’s high-energy; it’s high-action. They are addressing all the things that they set up in Man of Steel.”

Wren addressed the rumors that her character is one who has a major role in the comic books and whether she will be reprising it in the future.

“So there’s some gossip; this has not been officially confirmed with me at all. But my character’s name is Carrie Farris; there’s a character named Carol Farris who’s the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire. But I have no idea if that’s the plan; they’re not even slated to do a Green Lantern film for several years.”

For Christina Wren, her Batman v Superman casting was unlike anything she had ever dreamed of and the experience has been amazing. The only thing she regrets is that the release is still more than a year away and she hopes her “sassy” 90-year-old grandmother will still be around to watch it when it opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.

[Image via Warner Bros.]