Human Traps: Grizzly Artifacts Meant To Intentionally Injure Are Being Increasingly Discovered

A trap meant to intentionally harm anyone who stepped on it has been discovered in Metro Vancouver.

In the latest incident of a human trap being laid in Metro Vancouver, on Tuesday, local Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced the discovery of a nail trap hidden in a Richmond high school field. The trap was appeared to be meticulously made. Consisting of nails attached to a 4 cm x 4 cm plastic base, the trap “appears to have been deliberately constructed to injure people or pets that would have come across it,” stated the RCMP release.

The trap was not just made with the single intention of deliberately harming anyone, be it human or animal who walked over it. It was carefully concealed by grass that was placed carefully around and over the trap. Shockingly, such human traps have been found in increasing numbers in and around the Vancouver area.

This Sweet Old Lady Intentionally Threw hurdles In The Paths Of Mountain Bikers

North Vancouver resident Tineke Kraal was found guilty of laying down obstacles with the intention of causing bodily harm to mountain bikers when they stumbled. She was recently handed criminal charges after being videotaped laying logs, branches, and other obstacles across paths frequented by mountain bikers.

Last October, police discovered a taut rope strung neck height across a popular ATV trail, across the Strait of Georgia in Nanaimo, B.C. Clearly, the rope was intended to snare and throw the ATV rider from his vehicle. Fortunately, the trap was dismantled before anyone got hurt.

Such traps might appear rudimentary in comparison to an elaborate booby trap that was laid in North Vancouver. In the month of May in 2013, a labradoodle became snared on a hooked booby trap. This trap, reminiscent of the ones hunters set in the jungle to trap small animals for food, was baited with beef kidneys. The dog had to be carefully detangled from the inhumane trap.

The discovery of the nail-based trap prompted police to perform a full sweep of the schoolyard. Officers roamed the grounds looking for suspicious items jutting out of the ground. The school was closed till the sweep declared the grounds to be safe. The school resumed at the close of the Family Day long weekend. However, the Richmond police has urged residents to keep an eye out for “similar traps in any schools or parks.” So far, the police haven’t arrested anyone, and the investigation is listed as ‘ongoing.’

[Image Credit: Facebook, RCMP]