Reporter Calls Comcast CEO’s Mother To Complain About ‘Horrible Treatment’ – Gets Instant Service

News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky got in touch with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts’ mother in order to get the company to start offering some decent service to its customers.

Tattling to someone’s mom may have worked during our juvenile years, but the same technique had to be relied upon to get some decent service in America. It was a single complaint via telephone that got things rolling at Comcast. It has been evident for some time that Comcast isn’t your typical company and special measures are usually required to get things done.

It’s no secret; Comcast has created a nation full of haters with its consistently poor customer service. Such is the disdain towards the company, more people like BP more than Comcast. However, for many, Comcast appears to be the sole choice, and they are stuck with the company. Several such harried customers used to write regularly to Philadelphia Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky.

After getting a number of emails from a number of customers who received horrible treatment at the hands of the company’s executives and customer support staff, Ronnie decided to call the head honcho of the company, who could actually get something done. No, she did not approach Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. Instead, she went above him and got in touch with Suzanne Roberts, the mother of Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

When Faced With Horrible Service - Call The Mother Of The CEO

When Ronnie went to someone above reproach, the cogs of the corporate Comcast started rolling furiously. When Polaneczky recently contacted Mrs. Roberts by phone about problems one of her readers was having with Comcast, she found that she immediately got results,

“Center City couple Diana and Jason Airoldi finally got their Comcast cable and internet hookup after six full weeks of broken appointments by the cable giant. Why? Because I took pity on the couple and called to the ultimate authority at Comcast Corp. — Suzanne Roberts, the 92-year-old mother of the company’s CEO. In less than a day, Comcast trucks were at the Airoldi home, and the problem was solved.”

While it is indeed good to see a reporter getting her ‘hands dirty’ to help this couple get their problem solved, it is pretty appalling to see Comcast customers having to either contact reporters or hope their stories go viral on the internet, before getting any kind of attention. What’s worse is that the reporter realized that the only way to get the company’s attention in this case was to tattle on the CEO to his mom, which is something most of us stopped doing around the age of 9 or so.

Comcast is a very ‘influential‘ company in the United States and maybe it is quite clear why it can get away with such bad customer service.

[Image Credit | Jeff Chiu/Mashable, Ryan Collerd]