Ronda Rousey Goes After PED Use In MMA: ‘It’s Going To Destroy The Whole Sport’

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is not shy when it comes to vocalizing her opinion on the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), and Rousey has recently come out again on the discussion of its use in mixed martial arts.

During an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Rousey admitted that she was a fan of Anderson Silva. She said she was shocked, though, when it was revealed that Silva tested positive for two banned substances, drostanolone and androsterone.

“I was heartbroken to hear that. I wanted to cry.”

Ronda Rousey went on to say that she believes those who test positive the first time for any performance enhancing drugs should surrender all of the prize money they have earned from fights. Rousey noted that the second positive test result should get that person a lifetime ban from the sport.

“People need to realize that is a weapon and they’re bringing a weapon into the cage and they’re making our sport unsafe. The day that a person dies in that Octagon and the person who killed them tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, we’re going to have our first homicide case. It’s going to destroy the whole sport.”

Rousey added that the UFC should make its policies against illegal substances tougher.

“Do you think that one little pay-per-view getting a couple of extra views is worth that? No, it’s not [expletive] worth it. I think there needs to be as strict of drug testing as there is for the Olympics, maybe even harder.”

Ronda Rousey Wants An End To PEDs Ronda Rousey at UFC Hong Kong Media Day [Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images]One of the most anticipated fights people have been discussing is if Ronda Rousey takes on Cris “Cyborg” Justino. In 2012, Justino tested positive for PEDs, and Rousey heavily criticized her during a discussion on the MMA Hour, via MMA Fighting.

“If [a fight with Cyborg] happens or not, whatever. I’ll do it, I’ll beat her. It’s just, I mean, that girl in my eyes should be charged with attempted negligent homicide. Coming into the cage with performance-enhancing drugs is the equivalent of walking in there with a weapon.”

In order for the match between Ronda Rousey and Cris Justino to take place, either Justino would have to drop to 135 pounds or Rousey would have to bump up her weight. Rousey has said she refuses to go up in weight to fight Justino, and UFC fans have criticized her for that.

But Ronda Rousey told Yahoo! Sports that if a fight between her and Justino doesn’t happen, it won’t bother her.

“I’ve been ready to fight her at any point. She’s the one who left the UFC. She’s the one who hasn’t come to fight me. Because she’s a cheater and a fraud, the last thing I’m going to do is make exceptions for her. I’m not going to move up and make things easier for her, because she’s been making things easier for herself her whole life.”

Ronda Rousey added that those who cheat won’t get far in life, and they can hurt those around them.

“She needs to learn a lesson that you can’t do that [expletive] any more. And I’m here to teach everybody else that that is not acceptable. Cheating and bringing a weapon and trying to hurt someone with that weapon is not a way to get a consideration made for you.”

FanSided reports that Ronda Rousey will next face undefeated challenger Cat Zingano in a headline match at UFC 184 on February 28.

What do you make of Ronda Rousey’s comments about Cris Justino and PEDs?

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