Doom returns to Xbox Live

You may recall that back in October of 2010, Doom mysteriously vanished from Xbox Live Arcade. Well, mysterious at first–ZeniMax later confirmed that the reason behind the disappearance had to do with “expiring rights”, but that it should be back “soon”.

Fast forward over a year later–which I suppose is someone’s definition of “soon”–to today, and Doom has finally made its return to Xbox Live. Bethesda sent word today that the infamous shooter from id Software is available once more on Xbox Live in all regions.

In case you missed Doom on Xbox Live the first time around, this is a port of the original, not a remake. That doesn’t mean it’s without any new features–players can partake in co-op chaos with their buddies over Xbox Live, or dive into some competitive versus multiplayer.

The game may be nearly 20 years old now, but I’d say it’s still worth the reasonable 400 Microsoft Point ($5) asking price for those who want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, or possibly even experience the FPS for the first time. I’m sure there’s someone who hasn’t already played it.

Will you be picking up Doom now that it’s back on Xbox Live?