‘Dying Light’ DLC Arrives, Cuisine & Cargo Drops Into Harran

Dying Light, the latest zombie-apocalypse game from Techland, has the first of their three-DLC season pass hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 today.

As detailed in a press release by Techland, “Cuisine & Cargo” is the first batch of DLC to hit the streets of Harran for Dying Light. The DLC is exclusive only to the Season Pass and will allow players participate in two hardcore missions within the zombie-infested city. Players will be able to explore two of the buildings sealed off in the first days of the outbreak at the center of the Dying Light campaign. Stealth and combat will both be integral in order to succeed in the missions.

Dying Light DLC Cuisine and Cargo

Other DLC packs also a part of the Season Pass will release later this year, with the “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” dropping in March, and “The Bozak Horde” releasing in May. The “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” will equip Dying Light players with seven unique items, as well as a few new outfits and four “over-the-top” blueprints for zombie-bashing fun. “The Bozak Horde” mode will deliver a new map and gameplay. Available in both co-op and singleplayer, the Dying Light DLC will pit players against relentless hordes of zombies within Harran Stadium, to test their might and stamina against the undead hordes.

The Dying Light Season Pass is available for purchase for $19.99/€19.99.

Techland also released today a “Be the Zombie” mode video showcasing some techniques to survive or be triumphant in the asymmetric multiplayer mode. “Be the Zombie” pits players 4v1 in Dying Light’s Harran, allowing one player to be the zombie and hunt down the opposing players. According to Techland, since the game launched two weeks ago, the “Be the Zombie” mode has already seen several million matches.

The video also holds a special code for Dying Light fans, giving players an unlockable weapon within the game. The code can be redeemed at the Dying Light Weapon Docket page and then can be exchanged for one top-tier weapon from a quartermaster within the game. To use weapon dockets within Dying Light, you’ll need to sign up and link your account with the Dying Light Weapon Docket page.

Since launch, Dying Light has received lukewarm reviews. Many outlets have praised the game’s openness and parkouring mechanics(IGN), while others have felt the story and gameplay to be tedious(We Got This Covered). Techland also riled up some fans late last month when an update to the game blocked modders from accessing the game files, however the Polish-game studio has remedied this and promises to work with modders in the future.

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[Image source: Techland]