iPhone And Android Nearly Tied As The Smartphone Wars Heat Up

Competition between the iPhone and Android has been very heated the last several years and it seems that Apple’s smartphone which originally held the top spot, is making it’s way back to beat out Google for the number one smartphone OS.

According to Nielsen Mobile, Android and the iPhone are nearly tied with iOS being just 1.4 percent behind as of December 2011. Apple has managed to bridge the gap with outstanding sales of their latest smartphone while Android has dropped from 61.6 percent market share in October, down to 46.9 percent.

Via DailyTech:

“This situation could soon change with the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which takes Google’s operating system in a somewhat “Windows Phoneish” direction. It also has put a great deal of effort into polishing core applications like the browser, messaging hub, and email. The results from ICS, upon initial examination, are equal or perhaps even better to their iOS equivalents. However, the only ICS device on the market as of December was the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung which was only on one network — Verizon Wireless.”

The iPhone 4S, if it can keep up the trend which it likely will, will potentially surpass Android here very soon for the number one smartphone OS.

“Outside of the phone’s actual physical merits, another factor is that Apple continues to maintain a strong brand image. While enthusiasm about Android, attack ads mocking extreme Apple fanboyism, and backlash against its lawsuit “crusade” have soured some on the Apple brand, among your average consumer it remains one of the strongest brands on the market. To these consumers buying an Apple device is equivalent to buying “cool points” that some people would (literally) give an organ for. “

Which do you prefer: Android or iPhone and why?