California High School Students Publicly Shamed For Opposing LGBT Agenda

In the United States today, the LGBT community has been constantly present in the news, primarily over the debate of gay marriage. However, the secondary situation they support is recognition of young Americans who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, in public schools. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on this matter, especially the controversy a Florida teenage boy experienced when he ran for homecoming queen instead of king.

Said controversies are favored by the LGBT community because it favors their cause. So when a controversy turns out to be a hoax, they get angry.

Though most LGBT news shows their community being repressed, there are times they can act like oppressors. Case and point, teenagers at a California high school were publicly shamed for opposing the LGBT community.

According to an article by FOX News, students of the Queer Student Alliance (QSA) at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, lectured other students in several ninth-grade English classes on January 29 about LGBT issues. During the lecture, two students, aged 14 and 15, were instructed to stand in a circle.

Then, they were asked numerous questions about their personal beliefs and parents' beliefs on homosexuality. However, students who did not come forward to answer questions were publicly humiliated and ridiculed, as described by Matthew McReynolds, an attorney for Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), the firm that represents the parents.

"The QSA had students step forward to demonstrate whether they believed that being gay was a choice and whether their parents would be accepting if they came out as gay. Students who did not step forward were ridiculed and humiliated."
The lecture also included the QSA providing students with the names of teachers who identify themselves as gay or lesbian, followed by lining them up to demonstrate where they fall on the "gender spectrum." Finally, students were given a handout with LGBT terminology, defining terms like pan-sexual, demi-boy, and gray gender.

LGBT terminology handout
Ninth-grade students at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California were given handouts with LGBT terminology.

The question that is being asked is why the Acalanes High School is outing students who may not agree with the beliefs of the LGBT community. According to Charisma News, John Nickerson, the superintendent of the high school, claims it is all about tolerance.

"The classroom instruction in question was part of a tolerance workshop led by peer educators under the supervision of teachers."
What seems to be the issue is why the students of the QSA were teaching the class and not the teachers. Questions about the QSA students' academic qualification to teach on such a topic were brought up too. These were presented along with the allegations of the QSA bullying students who didn't agree with their message.

John Nickerson and the high school are aware of the concerns and allegations raised by two parents and the PJI. They plan to investigate the situation, learning activities and classroom environment.

Now that you know about the QSA allegedly bullying students who did not agree with their view, what are your views? Do you think the role of suppressed and oppressed pertaining to the LGBT community has switched?

[Featured Image via Julie Miss Butterflies/Flickr, Post Image via FOX News]