Dad Drops Baby On The Street While Running Away From Cops [Video]

A father dropped his baby in the middle of the street so he could run away from police. The shocking incident happened in Moore, Oklahoma, Monday afternoon after police were called about a man selling stolen items to local pawn shops. According to KFOR News, cops arrived at Cash Now Pawn Shop and caught Christopher McDonald attempting to sell a new weed eater.

Police approached McDonald inside the store where he was at with his baby seated in a carrier. McDonald was requested to step outside to answer some of their questions when he became nervous and ran off with the baby.

Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said the dad dropped the baby not long after that.

“That individual became nervous, ended up running with the baby in a carrier a short distance away dropped the baby in the carrier.”

Leslie Travis, an employee at Cash Now, was amazed at what she witnessed when the man just dropped his baby like that.

“He’ll sacrifice the baby to save his own skin,” Travis said.

Law enforcement were able to catch up with McDonald after chasing him a bit longer. Lewis says it’s sad someone would jeopardize their baby in such a callous way.

“It’s kind of upsetting that someone would be willing to drop their child in the middle of the road while trying to get away from police while committing a felony.”

Christopher McDonald is being charged for concealing stolen property and child endangerment.

In a separate report by KOCO 5 News, McDonald kidnapped the baby against the mother’s will about two weeks ago. His photo was put on Facebook, and it was Leslie Travis at Cash Now who recognized the man when he tried selling them stolen goods.

The pawn shop’s owner, Charles Barnes, said he also tried chasing down McDonald and saw the father drop his baby.

“The baby rolled once I believe, maybe twice. [McDonald] kept saying ‘Stop chasing me!,’ and I was like, ‘Where are you going? You’re not going anywhere.'”

After McDonald dropped the baby, he ran into a field and eventually surrendered to police.

The child is back safe and sound with the mother now.

The Inquisitr wrote about a father who dropped his own baby on concrete in the middle of what could have been a tragedy. It was a totally different situation, in which the man was an off-duty cop and an armed gunman began threatening him and his family. He had to drop the child on the sidewalk while fending off the criminal. The baby wasn’t injured.

[Photo Credit: KFOR video screenshot]