Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Forbes reported today that Samsung has now officially moved to trademark the expected product names of its next generation of smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

“The move to trademark the names does not guarantee that these will be the retail names of the devices that are widely expected to be launched at Samsung’s ‘Unpacking MWC 2015′ event in March. The company could simply be covering the basics of the popular variant. The preponderance of evidence points to ‘Galaxy S6′ and ‘S6 Edge’ as the lead candidates.”

Part of the reason the tech sphere seems so glued to the news around the Galaxy S6 is that the S5 was generally considered to be a flop which weakened the South Korean company. Combined with the success of the newest iPhone, Samsung is generally considered to really need a win.

Business Insider today went through the specs in the S6 Edge, and determined that the phone was likely to be “a beast.” BGR also provided a fantastic graphic breakdown of the leaked specs of the Galaxy S6. Photos have also confirmed that the S6 Edge will have the curved display of the Galaxy Note on both sides of the device, as previously reported on Inquisitr.

Not everyone is excited about the difference in releases between the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. Forbes said.

“The better strategy would have been to commit to the S6 Edge as the only handset to launch in March, and call that handset the Galaxy S6. The higher price would have given Samsung an increased average revenue per handset, the use of the digital spine would have given the handset a technological wow factor that the South Korean company is searching for, and it would have focused Samsung’s efforts on a single handset in a critical sales period for the company.

“As it stands the marketing message of these two handsets will have to fight each other, when the real fight should be against Apple’s best-selling iPhones and the rest of the Android competition that be revealed during Mobile World Congress 2015.”

The general feeling is definitely that the iPhone is the high end phone to beat. With companies like Xiaomi rapidly filling the market for budget cell phones, Samsung needs to create some space at the top in order to stay relevant.

[Image from Android Authority]