Caroline Wozniacki Warms Up Swimsuit Issue With Ronda Rousey

Caroline Wozniacki shared some hot new photos from her shoot with Sports Illustrated on Twitter today, and fans are champing at the bit to get their hands on the coveted “Swimsuit Edition,” which also features UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Wozniacki and Rousey are among several athletes featured in the issue, which honored Hannah Davis with the cover. Davis defended her image this week after the Today show censored the cover with a big red bow, saying that by covering her up, they were making the photo a bigger deal than it really was.

“I think you’re making it look a lot naughtier than it really is, to be honest. I think SI always tries to do something a little different every year, and I think this year, it’s the year of the torso,” Davis said.

Wozniacki looks to be in great physical shape–especially after running in the New York Marathon, which came just before the photo shoot–and said that she thinks her photos turned out really well thanks to “amazing” photographer Walter Iooss. However, she joked about being “extremely old” in an interview after the Australian Open, saying it is a game for youth.

“The speed of the game keeps on increasing. I think we see that all the time. I think that’s going to be a big factor as well in the future. If the game keeps going this way, if the ball keeps being light, fast, the courts are fast, I think we’re going to see more injuries in the future,” Wozniacki said.

Caroline said on the Today show that she’s always enjoyed the swimsuit issue because it is an excellent venue for athletic body types.

“I love the ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue, especially because of the body image that it portrays. As an athlete, I’m never going to look like runway models and be really skinny. I’m going to always have some muscles and some definition. And to me, I find that very attractive and I think that’s a healthy way to portray women.”

[Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images]