‘RHOBH’ Producers Blamed For Kim Richards’ Dog Attack?

RHOBH producers have been dragged into a lawsuit regarding the pit bull of Kim Richards.

Although Richards’ friend Kay Rozario, 80, who claims to have been attacked last year, named RHOBH producers in her initial lawsuit, the network requested to be dismissed from the suit weeks ago.

Now, in a new set of court documents, obtained by Radar Online, it has been reported that Rozario is already fighting back, insisting producers are to blame for the dog’s alleged attack.

In Rozario’s amended suit, her attorney Bill Zuhdi, stated, “Prior to the attack on Plaintiff Kay Rozario, Defendant Evolution hired a dog trainer to correct the dog’s aggression and appear on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What was presented to the audience during the show’s broadcast on November 11, 2013, was that the dog had ‘eaten thousands of dollars of Kim Richards’ shoes, sunglasses, and personal items.’”

“Evolution knew that the representations that it made about Kingsley, claiming that he was not dangerous, were false. Evolution had prior knowledge the dog was dangerous and that the dog had previously attacked a person on the set of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills PRIOR to the broadcast of the episode.”

Zuhdi told Radar, “In our opinion and according to our allegations, they wanted the audience to think that the dog was not a vicious dog. They didn’t want to disclose that it attacked people because they wanted to portray Kim Richards and the dog in a certain positive light. The scheme began on November 11 when the broadcast with the dog trainer was done when they said that they hired the dog trainer because it chewed up shoes … in reality the [trainer] was hired for aggression …”

“The misrepresentations by Defendants in the broadcasts of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills television shows premiering on November 11, 2013, and on March 17, 2014, and other relevant episodes, caused Plaintiff, through her daughter, to not be concerned at all about the dog and to agree to spend the night at Richards’ residence.”

This isn’t the only drama the network has been involved in throughout the last couple of weeks. As the Inquisitr reported just days ago, Brandi Glanville recently blamed RHOBH producers for portraying her as a mean girl on the show.

“I only know what I lived and I’ve only ever been mean when provoked – what you see I’m not in charge of,” she told a fan on Twitter.

RHOBH producers have yet to respond to the latest set of court documents.

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