‘Dexter’ Star Jennifer Carpenter Is Pregnant

Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter pregnant? You bet. Fans speculated she might be pregnant after photos surfaced of the star sporting a “baby bump.” At the time she was photographed, the actress was spotted making a coffee run in Los Feliz.

Now, E! confirms that the actress is pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Seth Avett.

According to E!, who confirmed the news with the actress’ rep, the couple have been dating since 2013. The two got together once Jennifer was divorced from her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall.

Her rep also confirmed the exciting news to People magazine.

Since the news was confirmed by her rep, everyone has been coming out of the woodwork to congratulate the Dexter star.

Congratulations to Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett! :) Sending much love and peace! <3 http://t.co/3Sp5dgykhu — JCarpenter Fans (@JCarpenterFans) February 10, 2015

So far the actress hasn’t tweeted about the news, and we don’t expect her to since her last tweet was on October 16.

Odds are there’s no ill-will between Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. During a 2013 TCA interview, the two were asked how it was working together on Dexter now that they were divorced.

Hall answered frankly, “It was gratifying. I would say the fact that Jennifer and I worked through whatever was going on with us personally and the way we did, and maintained the commitment to telling this story was never a question. It was always what we needed and wanted to do.”

Carpenter, clearly uneasy about answering the question, teared up about discussion their professionalism despite their divorce. “To marry someone is sort of a generic label. Our marriage didn’t look like anyone else’s and our divorce didn’t either. I’ve said it before just because the marriage ended, doesn’t mean the love did. There’s nothing but love and respect.”

It’s obvious to see these days that Carpenter is in a happier place.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock]