Steve Carell Made a Cameo on ‘The Office’ as a Queerenstein Bear [Video]

Steve Carell was on The Office last week. Well, it was probably him. During an episode called “Trivia,” Oscar, Jim, Andy, and the rest of the office crew enter a trivia contest at a gay bar. And one of the members of the “Queerenstein Bears” team looks a lot like Steve Carell.

Carell left the show last Spring and told Matt Lauer in July that he didn’t plan on doing any cameos. Carell said he missed his friends at the show but that he won’t be making any cameos in the near future.

But it looks like Carell wasn’t being too truthful.

Here’s a clip from last week’s “The Office.” Is that Steve Carell?

NBC couldn’t confirm that it was Carell.

At the time of Carell’s departure, producer Randy Cordray said:

“I can’t say that he will (Return), but (he) hasn’t ruled that out…he hasn’t said that he wouldn’t come back and do another episode for us in the future.”

Do you think Steve Carell made a cameo on “The Office” last week?