Taylor Swift Forcing Jay Z To Go To Brunch With Her? [Video]

Is Taylor Swift forcing Jay Z to go to brunch with her? It looks like it, folks. Now, before you question how Swift came up with this idea, there’s a bit of history you should know.

Jay Z and Taylor Swift are kind of close. Still mind-boggled by their friendship? From what we can tell, it wasn’t overnight. Swift invited Jay and his Beyoncé to her super casual pizza/birthday party at her New York apartment. Not only did Jay Z and Beyoncé show up, and look really happy to be there, but Swift also celebrated her birthday with Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, and a few others.

There’s even a photo floating around of the whole gang looking like old chums.

Swift followed that up by catching Justin Timberlake’s Brooklyn show at Barclays with Beyoncé. The two ladies were caught rocking out when Jay Z joined Timberlake on stage to sing “Holy Grail.” She also tweeted this photo of the group hanging out.

Happy Birthday, @jtimberlake! Thank you for your music, comedy, daaaahncing, songwriting, and for taking this selfie: pic.twitter.com/nExSjreYRU — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) January 31, 2015

So where does brunch come in? Well, according to Gawker, the publication analyzed footage of Jay Z and Taylor Swift hanging out during the Grammys. Before they sit back down in their seats, the publication says that Swift is adamantly telling Jay Z she wants to do brunch with him.

Not only does she ask him to brunch once, but she asks him to brunch a few times. She’s so excited about brunch that she just starts shouting the word, as Jay Z uncomfortably nods at her. Was Taylor Swift drunk at the Grammys? Did she have a bit too much champagne? Is she really just that enthusiastic about brunch? Your guess is as good as ours.

Twitter also weighed in on this brunch discussion.

@camGarcia__ body language. Taylor asking Hov to go to Brunch with a stern face. And the dynamic of the convo knowing Ye and Swift history

— Dashiki Don Dadda (@AllenYork) February 10, 2015

Another revelation to come from this video is seeing Taylor Swift and Kanye West pal around. Check out the video below.

[Image via a katz / Shutterstock]