Hexagonal UFO In Orbit Keeps Pace With International Space Station

A hexagonal UFO has been spotted keeping pace with the International Space Station, and some observers assert that the semi-transparent nature of the object may reveal it to be a bastion of alien technology.

Scott Waring’s UFO Sightings Daily posted images of the strange craft, which was shaped like a hexagonal disk. Spotted on the NASA live camera, the UFO appeared to be semi-transparent, a quality that Waring attributed to alien technology reminiscent of that displayed on Star Trek.

“I was watching the live Internet Space Station cam when I caught a glimpse of a disk off to the left of the screen. This hexagon UFO appeared out of nowhere and then matched speeds with the space station. The UFO was semi transparent and the clouds below could be seen through it…but that’s how cloaks work, bending light 180 degrees around objects.”

After a few moments, the strange UFO vanished, as if it were never there. A video compiled by the UFO hunter casts the footage in an inverted color view, which reveals far more detail of the alleged craft as it flies astride the space station.

“If you look carefully at the inverted color video at the end, you will see this is not a donut, but a solid disk with a misty electrical field around it. The front and back line of the UFO is longer than than than lines on both sides. This shows us there is a front and back that is visible. All evidence points to it being an alien craft [sic].”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a UFO has been spotted in orbit near the International Space Station. Last month, UFO researchers observed a strange object rising over the horizon in a live feed from the station, only for the video to go dark. The incident marked the second time in the nascent year that NASA was accused by UFO researchers of cutting the space station’s video feed when an inexplicable object was spotted on camera.

Though some have pointed out that there are innumerable explanations for the UFOs spotted near the space station, with a multitude of natural and man-made debris circling the Earth, others assert that the objects which have been sighted display unique and inexplicable qualities. As NASA continues to broadcast and archive high definition video of Earth from orbit, it is safe to say the strange, hexagonal UFO won’t be the last spotted in the vicinity of the space station.

[Image: NASA via Twitter/@UFOGLOBE]