‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Stars Kim & Kyle Richards Attempt To Make Amends

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sisters Kim and Kyle Richards sit down on tonight’s new episode to discuss their issues and, hopefully, put an end to their feud.

Unfortunately, according to a February 10 preview shared by OK! Magazine, their meeting doesn’t start off very well.

“As much as you have been a good sister, there have also been moments in my life that have really hurt me, ” Kim told Kyle.

“Although I thought I put it behind me, I think there are moments when I’m still holding onto something. For you to bring up me and things that I discussed with Brandi when I would call her to discuss certain things are very private things that you weren’t involved in.”

At that point, Kyle interjects, claiming it was her Real Housewives co-star, Brandi Glanville, who brought up the issues, not her.

“Kim, she brings it up to everybody. That’s what I was trying to tell you. That’s what I was saying to you. I was trying to show you that she was not your friend. Why do you think my intension is to hurt you when I’ve only wanted to protect you always — ever? Why would you think that?”

In her confessional, Kyle explained, “I’m concerned Kim has shared too much personal information with Brandi, and Brandi will turn her back on her, and stab her in the back. I know this and unfortunately, Kim is going to have to learn on her own.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Glanville discussed her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars in her Bravo blog last week.

On February 5, Glanville slammed Kyle for not knowing why Kim was in the hospital days prior.

“Kyle asks her sister why she was in the hospital. There. I will leave it at that. She doesn’t even know WHY her sister was in the hospital more than a week later. It was a hernia, fractured rib, and disc issues–very serious and very painful injuries and medical issues for a single woman over 40.”

Glanville also claimed she was a true friend to Kim.

“I am a ride or die friend. Always have been, always will be–to my REAL, TRUE friends. Everyone who knows me knows it. I’m never changing that. I am here for Kim now and was then. Her relationship with her sister is their own, I’m not between them, I don’t want to be. However, I might be somewhere ‘between’ Kyle’s publicized version of herself as a sister and the truth.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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