Taylor Swift Threatens Man Who Taught Her Guitar And Song Writing

Taylor Swift is threatening legal action against a man who taught her guitar and how to write songs. Ronnie Cremer interviewed exclusively with New York Daily News and says he received a letter from Swift’s legal team last Friday. Cremer interviewed with Daily News last month and, shortly thereafter, purchased the domain, Itaughttaylorswift.com. The domain currently points to the Daily News’ site.

Cremer received a letter on February 6 from TAS Rights Management, LLC, that states his site infringes upon the Taylor Swift trademark. The letter “demands” that the part-time computer tech and music mentor “relinquish” the domain within three days of receiving the warning. Cremer says he bought the domain from GoDaddy and it’s legally his.

No comment from Taylor Swift’s camp, as none of her staff have responded to anything on this story as of yet. Cremer alleges that the “magical twist of fate” story Taylor repeats about a computer repairman who taught her “a few chords” on the guitar at her house one day is false. He claims that he didn’t start working on the Swift family’s computers until after he’d been teaching music for several months. He wants to set the record straight with that story and wants his website to be a place where untold Taylor Swift stories can be read.

Cremer alleges that he’s not creating a website to make money off Swift’s name.

“… It’s really not going to be a for-profit website. I’ve got nothing to sell on it. It’s going to be an informational website that basically lets people know what really happened.”

Since the 36-year-old told a part of his story last month, Swift’s father unfriended him on Facebook. He’s also gotten a lot of hate mail from the music star’s fanbase.

“I got a lot of hate mail from Swift fans who just do not want to believe under any circumstances that Taylor lied to them.”

In a report by Philly, a sex offender is said to be suing Swift for supposedly stealing his life story for her song, 1989. He feels jilted, but also adds that he’d be inclined to drop everything if she would “help me and restore our true friendship,” and introduce him to Miley Cyrus.

Being a superstar comes with a lot of backstory about how they found success. Other people from a celebrity’s past are involved to a degree, but it’s often seen as wanting 15 minutes of fame when they tell their stories.

Will Taylor Swift’s team file a lawsuit against Ronnie Cremer or will he reconsider developing the website?

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