Corey Fallen Jailed For Six Months For Murder Of Stripper Despite Alibi Proving He Was In Another State

A New Jersey man was arrested for the murder of an Atlanta stripper and jailed for six months, despite an alibi proving he was in another state during the time of her death, according to the Huffington Post.

In June 2011, a 33-year-old stripper, Denise Ramsey, was reported missing after she was last seen getting into a vehicle with two males. Weeks later, Ramsey’s remains were found by an East Orange city worker near a train underpass.

Police officials say the stripper had been stabbed to death.

When investigators questioned co-workers at the strip club where she worked, a DJ and two dancers informed police that they had an inkling of who may have murdered the stripper. Word around town was that a man was gloating about getting away with a murder he committed. When police showed them several pictures of men that could possibly be the assailant, they pointed out Corey Fallen of Atlanta, Georgia.

In September, 2012, both Newark Detective Joseph Hadley and New Jersey police sergeant Thomas McEnroe travelled to Fallen’s home in Atlanta, where they questioned him and collected a DNA sample.

Although Fallen claimed to have never been to New Jersey and had proof that he was working during the time of the murder, he was still arrested a month later and jailed for six months.

Fallen was jailed at a New Jersey prison and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

“I told them that I’ve never been up North in my life, not once,” Fallen communicated to HuffPost.

“I would hate for this to happen to somebody else.”

Fallen claims that while jailed for six months, he did all he could to have his case investigated, but neither investigators nor his attorney did anything.

“We have time sheets. We have affidavit forms. Why won’t nobody just look at this paperwork and just send him home?” Corey’s wife Shantell Fallen said to WSBTV.

It wasn’t until he wrote a letter to a judge that investigators began to investigate his case.

Fallen’s attorney, Mark Bullman, stated that the police did not have any evidence such as travel records, phone records, or DNA that implicated Fallen in the murder of Denise Ramsey. Essentially, New Jersey had no reason to have Fallen jailed for six months.

He also stated as follows.

“When you have objective evidence to show that it was not physically possible for him to be in the state of New Jersey and commit the crime at the time this occurred, how do you not investigate that?”

“If you’re about to send someone to prison for the rest of their life, it’s worth spending five minutes to look at objective evidence to see if whether or not you might have made a mistake,” Bullman told WSBTV.

Fallen’s wife added, “Just be mindful of how you’re destroying people’s lives.”

New Jersey police has since arrested a Georgia man, Brian Love, and searching for another man, Johnny Jones III, that may have been involved in the murder of 33-year-old stripper, Denise Ramsey.

After being jailed for six months, Fallen is now suing the two police officers, Thomas McEnroe and Joseph Hadley, that came to his home for unlawful arrest and detention.

[Image via WSBTV]