Charles Tan Allegedly Killed Father With Shotgun, Waited On Driveway

Nineteen-year-old Charles Tan reportedly killed his father in their New York home on Monday night.

Daily Mail U.K. reports that the Cornell University sophomore fired a shotgun at his 49-year-old father, Ling Tan, multiple times.

Charles Tan
Photo Credit; Cornell University

Court documents confirm that the Dynamax Imaging CEO was struck in the chest, neck, arm, and face.

After shooting his father, Charles Tan walked outside and waited on the driveway alongside his mother, Qing Tan, for the police to arrive.

Police were dispatched to the suburban home located in Pittsford, Rochester, around 6:10 p.m. to follow up on a domestic dispute report.

Even though the police officers that responded to the call saw Charles and his mother waiting for them, it is still not known where the 56-year-old woman was during the alleged shooting. Examining the property allowed the officers to recover the shotgun used to kill Ling Tan inside of the garage.

Chief Deputy Drew Forsythe issued a statement from the scene of the alleged shooting on Monday in reference to the incident.

“While en route to the call, there was additional information there was a shooting at the residence… [Charles and Qing Tan] were then taken down to our headquarters to be interviewed. We believe they are both occupants of the residence. We don’t know the circumstances surrounding [the shooting] yet.”

This was apparently not the first time that police officer were called to their upscale suburban home. The Monroe Count Sheriff’s Office confirmed with the Democrat & Chronicle that officers had been sent to their Coach Side Lane home multiple times in the past to follow up on other domestic incidents.

According to the audio footage of recorded emergency calls, Charles Tan initially claimed that he was defending himself from his father.

Daily Mail reports that Ling Tan was also the president of Dynamax Imaging, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of image sensors. Before working for Dynamax, Ling Tan spent 20 years working for Eastman Kodak Co.

Charles Tan was arranged on Tuesday morning for a second-degree murder charge. WROC 8 reports that Charles is being held without bail in the county jail. He is currently scheduled to appear in court on Friday. This case is still being investigated further by police.

[Image Credit: Cornell University & Daily Mail]