Justin Bieber's Glass House Trashed After Meek Mill Party

Chanel Adams

Justin Bieber's glass house got trashed this weekend during Meek Mill's 2015 Grammys after party. The rapper rented out Justin's old house for one week to host the event. However, the 1,000 guests left the mansion in a mess, according to a J-14 report.

TMZ reported that a fight broke out at the Meek Mill party. It was so rough that punches and ice sculptures were thrown around. It's not known if any partygoers were hurt at the party. The party was so bad that the police were called to the scene.

Bieber is in the clear though. He'd already moved out of the $60K mansion last week, says the Daily Mail. It's a good thing that Bieber didn't cause the fight as well. He hasn't had the best relationship with his neighbors or the police. Justin reportedly attended the party, although he didn't cause any trouble. The singer hasn't shared how he feels about his former house getting trashed. Justin has been posting smiley selfies on Instagram, so he may not feel too bad about it.


Meek Mill hosted the Grammys after party on Sunday, according to the TMZ report. Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Khloe Kardashian and Chris Brown were also reportedly at the party. Sources told the gossip site that the party got so crazy that it caused a fight between rival gang members.

Law enforcement said that police arrived around 1:30 a.m. for loud music. It took them about three hours to clear Bieber's house and the streets. No arrests were made, and police never went inside Bieber's mansion - which was totally trashed. Bieber will have to say goodbye to his security deposit.

Last December it was reported that Justin moved into the six-bedroom mansion on a short-term lease. He was reportedly spending $60,000 per month to rent out the glass home. It's not known whether or not Justin moved back into the mansion after Meek's one-week lease was up.

Justin Bieber is trying to make some changes in his life. The singer recently released an apology video and made two appearances on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Bieber said that he was only "pretending" to be a bad boy, and wants to do better with his life.

Do you think Justin Bieber can get himself out of trouble?

[Image: Shelby Casanova/Flickr]