Kelly Brook Wants Babies

Kelly Brook has revealed that she has a five-year plan. In a recent interview she said she wants to concentrate on family life and have babies in the coming years. Brook, the curvy English model, Playboy model and aspiring actress, suffered a miscarriage in May 2011 and has now stated:

“I think the dream is to eventually get married and have babies – that’s in my five-year plan. I don’t see that happening imminently and I’m not putting any pressure to try again in 2012. I think it’s good to give your body a break. I think it’s important to get back into that space before you start planning a family again – I needed some time to process everything.”

Kelly Brook is dating Thom Evans, the Scottish rugby star and actor. She has recently designed a new range of underwear for New Look and the new pictures have caused quite a stir. Regarding her relationship and her career she said:

“I’m really happy in my career and relationship, things couldn’t be better. I feel like 2012 is a new start and everything is perfect now, so we’ll just wait and see and let Mother Nature take its course.”

On the other hand, Brook realises that planning must play a bigger part:

“In my relationship, it’s pretty obvious that getting pregnant can happen pretty quickly. There’s the right chemistry there obviously, so I think we need to be a bit careful and plan it a bit better next time!”

Source: The Daily Mirror