Woman Catches Boyfriend Beating Her Dog On Camera, Footage Goes Viral

The man in this video is seen viciously beating a dog — a dog that does not even belong to him.

According to a Portuguese phrase which appears on the screen before the footage starts, the dog actually belongs to his girlfriend.

More information about the footage is provided in the description posted by World Star Hip-Hop.

“Brazilian woman noticed her two dogs were constantly injured. So she decided to put a hidden camera in her apartment and found out it was her boyfriend brutally hitting her dogs for no reason. She then canceled their marriage.”

Towards the beginning of the footage, the man is seen sitting down on the floor of the apartment. It appears that he may have even been rubbing the dog at first.

However, at the :39 mark, the man grabs the dog by the neck and stands up shortly before throwing him down to the ground. The dog is seen quickly running away almost immediately after hitting the floor.

The video then cuts to when the man is holding the dog in his hands while sitting on the couch, lightly shaking him back and forth. The dog is frozen still and barely moves while it is being held. However, you can see the dog blinking shortly after the boyfriend decided to head butt him.

Lightly tossing him in the air, the boyfriend grabs the dogs by his legs and allows him to dangle in the air before dropping him again.

The footage of this alleged boyfriend beating a dog was posted on World Star Hip-Hop on Tuesday. It went viral shortly after it was uploaded. As of right now, it has been viewed over 350,000 times.

This is definitely not the first time that the news of someone beating a dog has made headlines.

Last October, Jennifer Renee Adams was arrested for allegedly choking and beating a tiny dog in the backseat of her car. Fox 5 Atlanta reported that a witness claimed the woman choked the dog until it passed out.

In a different case, Tom-Jan Hüsch decided to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend in Germany after she broke up with him by violently punching and hitting the dog that she purchased for him as a gift. It was actually Tom-Jan that posted the video of himself beating the dog on Facebook.

That viral video attracted the attention of one man, who tracked down Tom-Jan and brutally beat him for beating the defenseless dog.

Hüsch’s attacker, Josef Guldschmitt, later explained in a phone interview that he wanted to do a lot more to Tom-Jan than just beat him.

“I really wanted him to die. If I could have found my pliers, I would have twisted his scrotum off too.”

Empire News reported that, as of July 2014, no charges had been filed against Guldschmitt for avenging the dog’s beating.

[Image Credit: O DIA and World Star Uncut]