Ryan Serhant Shocks ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Fans In New Bravo Trailer

Ryan Serhant is one of three real-estate agents returning to Million Dollar Listing: New York for Season 4, which is set to start airing in April. Fans who have watched the show since the beginning will often label Serhant as a lean mean fighting machine. Ryan has a strict routine, which involves going to the gym in the morning, selling homes all day and then doing it all over the next day.

But during Season 3, fans learned that Ryan Serhant had started dating. All of a sudden, a new side of Ryan emerged. Prior to him meeting Emilia Bechrakis, Serhant had just been working and showing no personal sides of him on the show. Now, he was dating Emilia, going to cooking lessons and even learning how to dance. Who was this new guy?

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant remains the fighting real-estate agent when he is with clients, but in the trailer for the upcoming season, fans will see a gentle, romantic, and emotional Ryan as he gets down on one knee to propose to Emilia.

While the engagement made headlines all over the world because of Ryan’s decision to shut down Times Square on a busy weekday morning, fans never really knew what was said between them during the proposal. In the trailer, Ryan Serhant tells Emilia that he wakes up for her every morning, and Emilia’s tears are streaming down her face. Serhant has never shown this side before.

But there has been some major changes happening for Ryan over the past couple of months. The trailer for the show also reveals that Serhant has made peace with Fredrik Eklund and that the two may have started doing business together. But for viewers, the most important change is that of his relationship. Many viewers are happy that Serhant has found someone.

“At first, I never really understood why she got so angry about these things, but then I placed myself in her shoes and it all made sense,” Ryan Serhant has revealed, according to the Inquisitr, adding, “We live together, and even if Emilia rejects a dinner date with me, it’s clear from the moment I open our apartment door that all we want to do is enjoy the time we have together.”

Even Ryan Serhant’s crazy career and busy scheduled hasn’t scared Emilia away.

“At the end of the day, relationships should be your serenity and not add more stress to an overwhelming workday. I’ve discovered that most of our arguments are about insignificant things. I think a good relationship requires work, excellent communication, compromise, and mutual respect,” Ryan Serhant adds.

Million Dollar Listing New York premieres April 15 at 10/9c. Will you be watching this season to see Ryan Serhant get down on one knee?

[Image via Bravo]