Upcoming iPhone 6s May Get Improved Touch ID

The iPhone 6s won’t be released until the third quarter of this year, but details are already leaking out. Some people have complained that the Touch ID feature isn’t always accurate on the current iPhone 6. It’s pretty obvious Apple has heard consumer feedback, at least according to MacRumors.

“KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has provided reliable information about Apple’s upcoming product plans in the past, claims that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will feature an upgraded Touch ID module with reduced reading errors for an improved and safer Apple Pay experience.”

The current iPhone 6 Touch ID may be problematic for some, but at least it can’t be easily hacked like the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5. SC Magazine reported on the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner problems last year.

“The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released on Friday and, similar to the release of the iPhone 5s back in late September 2013, it only took a few days before the fingerprint scanner was hacked. Ben Schlabs, project manager with Security Research Labs, told SCMagazine.com on Wednesday that bypassing the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung device was even more seamless, and may open the door for more problems.”

The improved Touch ID is just one of the many new features of the upcoming iPhone 6s. Several reports have indicated that the iPhone 6s won’t just be a minor upgrade from the iPhone 6. Macworld UK recently reported on some of the features of the upcoming iPhone.

“We’re expecting Apple to stick with the 4.7 in display for the iPhone 6’s successor, as it’s a display size that seems to have gone down well with fans so far. The iPhone 6s’s camera will have a two-lens system that could help allow users to capture DSLR-quality imagery.”

Many iPhone users were upset when they found out the iPhone 6 only had 1 GB of RAM. According to Motley Fool, that could change with the iPhone 6S.

“Apple’s next iPhone will pack 2 gigabytes of next-generation LPDDR4 memory, rather than the 1 gigabyte of LPDDR3 memory found in the iPhone 6/6 Plus today. That’s great news for iPhone customers, especially if Apple’s next iOS release — likely called iOS 9 — features more advanced multitasking features that takes advantage of the increased memory.”

It’s important to note that all the new features on the iPhone 6s will also be available on the iPhone 6 Plus, which — according to some sources — could also contain a Quad HD display. What feature of the upcoming iPhone 6s has you the most excited about?

[Photo Credit: Forbes]