WWE News: Backstage Reaction To Seth Rollins’ Nude Photo Scandal, Could Rollins Be Released?

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins certainly had a case of the Mondays yesterday when he was involved in a big nude photo scandal. Rollins’ fiancée, apparently, was ticked at Rollins for some reason. Most believe he cheated on her, but that is only a rumor as of now. So take that for what you will. Leighla Schultz and Rollins were engaged last year and it seemed like a good pairing for the most part. They had been together for some time.

However, something led her to getting access to three different social media platforms run by Rollins, where she posted a nude picture of WWE NXT Diva-in-training Zahra Schreiber. Zahra has not been with WWE for very long, as she was hired just a couple months back along with a few others. She has a great look that would easily stand out for WWE. So the hiring of her made total sense.

So the story goes that Rollins’ fiancee, Leighla, was ticked and she hacked his accounts and posted the nude picture of Zahra. She then responded to his tweet via Twitter with a few nude pics of Seth Rollins, where he was letting it all hang out. As any woman does when scorned, she decided to wait for the perfect time to post it. She waited for WWE RAW to start and put the pics up. Rollins was busy, so he had no idea about it and finally did delete the pictures when he saw them.

Rollins then issued an apology after RAW was over with.

According to PWInsider, Rollins is not in a lot of trouble. WWE knows he had nothing to do with the pictures going online and that he wouldn’t do anything like that. Backstage, WWE has told talent to not comment on the issue at all. They want to blow over as best as possible. So it does not seem like Rollins or Zahra will be punished for the ordeal. It is said that the company does not want to be “insensitive” to Rollins.

Triple H obviously likes Rollins and wants to use him a great deal in the future. They are calling him “The Future” because of that. We can assume that WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon was upset about it, but WWE nor Rollins can do a thing about a woman scorned. Rollins is the best heel in the WWE right now, and one of the company’s top workers. Naturally, WWE does not want to let him go or punish him heavily for something he didn’t do.

Rollins might have been the cause of it, but most believe that Leighla over-stepped a lot. This affects his career, but she didn’t care. While Rollins didn’t put the pictures up himself, he led his future wife to do so. We can assume he won’t be marrying her now. You never do really know these days, however.

[IMG Credit: Sports Keeda]