Bravo Couple Teresa & Joe Giudice’s Second Prison Visit Revealed

Bravo couple Teresa and Joe Giudice, of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, recently participated in their second prison visit.

Weeks ago, Joe reportedly brought his and Teresa’s four daughters to the federal correctional institute in Danbury, Connecticut, for what turned out to be a drama-filled visit, according to a report.

“Audriana broke down and she cried and wouldn’t let go of Teresa when it was time to leave,” a source revealed to Life & Style, via a February 10 report by Real Mr. Housewife.

“Joe got frustrated and walked out. He left Gia to handle her and Gia had to pull Aduriana off her mother’s leg.”

The Bravo couple, at least according to reports, have only had one visit prior to the one mentioned, and unfortunately, their daughters don’t enjoy traveling to the facility.

“Teresa claims Gia doesn’t like to visit and doesn’t really want to be there. All the kids hate it which Teresa says makes the visits hard for her.”

In a new interview with Radar Online, former inmate Beatrice Codianni claimed the conditions at Danbury’s prison were “hazardous.”

“For the inmates that are sleeping in the top bunks in the dorms downstairs at Danbury, they are sleeping with pipes that had ripped coverings. Most pipe coverings contain fiberglass and when people breathe it in, it can be extremely hazardous. I wrote it up to the management that it was fiberglass, that people are breathing it in and that it needed to be fixed, so they sent people to fix it and all they did was tape it up.”

In response to Codianni’s claims, Chris Burke of the Federal Bureau of Prisons told Radar Online, “It is not something that I can comment on because I have no information on it,” as it “is regarding a situation that happened a few years ago.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Bravo couple has been faced with difficult circumstances behind bars. Since visitation and phone calls are limited, their marriage likely isn’t in the healthiest place, but that’s the price they are having to pay for their crimes of bank and wire fraud.

In the months leading up to their sentencing, Teresa denied any marital troubles with Joe, and several sources spoke out, claiming their relationship was solid.

Unfortunately, the Bravo couple’s marital struggles will likely continue on for the next couple of years, as Joe is scheduled to serve 41 months after Teresa’s term is complete.

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