Justin Bieber: Good Progress In Vandalism Probation Despite No Community Service Over Busted Foot

Justin Bieber is making good progress on anger management classes, counseling he was ordered to complete in a misdemeanor vandalism case after the singer egged his former neighbor’s house in California.

The 20-year-old’s attorney, Shawn Holley, made the statement on Tuesday at a hearing in Los Angeles. The singer was not in court.

According to the Associated Press, Superior Court Judge Leland B. Harris stated Bieber received a favorable report from probation officials and marked May 11 as the next date for an update hearing. In doing so, he followed the recommendation of probation officials to give Bieber more time to comply with the sentence.

Bieber “has displayed a cooperative attitude and has expressed a sincere desire to be more diligent in completing anger management and community labor,” probation officer Darlene Montalvo wrote.

Bieber is on two years probation after pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in July, 2014.

Under terms of a plea deal, the singer has to complete five days of community service, 12 anger management sessions, and pay $80,900 to repair damage to his former neighbor’s home.

In addition to already paying the restitution, it is reported Bieber has attended 9 out of 12 anger management sessions.

However, AP revealed the singer has not yet begun his five days of community service because of a ankle injury after playing soccer.

Probation officials wrote in a report filed Tuesday that Bieber cited a severe ankle sprain he suffered during the game as the reason he could not complete five days of community labor as planned in early January. Bieber provided a chiropractor’s report, stating he was ordered to stay off his feet for a week in early January.

Holley told the judge she expects the superstar to complete community labor and anger management counseling — the remaining terms of his sentence — by his next court date on May 11.

Justin Bieber Cracks His Foot Playing Soccer In Turks And Caicos
(Photo: Justin Bieber 'Broke' His Foot After Playing Soccer On Vacation over the New Year)

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bieber damaged his left foot while playing soccer in an game held at the Parrot Cay resort in Turks and Caicos over the New Year.

Community service would normally entail picking up trash or cleaning up graffiti. However, last November it was reported Bieber’s lawyers and probation authorities decided that the singer’s fame would turn the service into a logistical nightmare.

To get around the problem of a mob effect when Bieber is doing his community service, he will reportedly work five days at MusiCares in L.A., painting walls, moving office furniture, and doing any other kind of physical labor.

MusiCares is a foundation dedicated to helping musicians struggling with addiction, health, and other problems.

MusiCares has reportedly been used before by the courts and probation department for community labor requirements.

Back in January, Bieber was accused by his former neighbor in Calabasas, California, of egging his house.

Fast forward to now, the progress report on the probation is good and follows the singer’s recent apology video and two appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

During his second guest spot, Bieber admitted he had done some thing he was “not proud of” over the past few years, but was now “passionate about getting better and growing.”

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