‘Cynthia Bailey Is Insecure’ Says Porsha Williams: Accuses Peter Of Using Wife

Cynthia Bailey is a former super model, a strong business woman and a supporting wife. Bailey is everything that fans want to see on The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she brings true drama and lifestyle to the show. But her co-stars may not see her that way, especially Porsha Williams, who has gained quite a bit of confidence after divorcing her husband.

Just a few years ago, Porsha wasn’t allowed to do many things because her husband didn’t want her to. Back then, she was the one being heavily controlled by her husband, and it was so bad that the other ladies, including Cynthia Bailey, tried to get her to break free. This newfound freedom resulted in Kordell Stewart filing for divorce. Now, Porsha Williams isn’t holding back her thoughts.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Cynthia Bailey is the target of Porsha’s recent rant, and despite being controlled once herself, she now claims that Cynthia is being controlled by her husband. This is resulting in some insecurity on Bailey’s part.

“Cynthia and her situation where she’s got a man taking advantage of her cash money flow — honey, she is dry as the desert when it comes to him — so he’s using her. She’s upset, she’s insecure,” Williams reveals about her co-star.

While many will argue that Peter Thomas may have used Cynthia Bailey before to get his business up and running, it is clear that they have passed that hurdle and are moving forward. In fact, according to the Inquisitr, Bailey and her husband are doing well in the business department. Cynthia continues to run her school of fashion business in Atlanta.

In addition, Bailey doesn’t hold on to friendships that don’t mean much to her. Cynthia recently burned her friendship contract that she had with NeNe Leakes. As for Williams, she continues to slam her other co-stars as well. It sounds like Cynthia Bailey won’t be issuing a friendship contract to her anytime soon.

“You have Claudia and Kenya, two women who have had their legs spread from here to there and don’t have nothing to show for it at this point,” Porsha has said about her co-stars, adding, “They don’t have a career, they don’t have businesses.”

It is very interesting that she is so quick to judge her co-stars on not having anything going for them, considering just two years ago, she was a wife who would have been staying at home with her children. It wasn’t her that decided to end their marriage. It is also interesting that she doesn’t include Cynthia Bailey in this line of women who don’t do much. Maybe it is because she does see Cynthia’s business as being successful after all – without Peter’s help.

Do you think Cynthia Bailey is insecure? Do you think Peter is using her?

[Image via Bravo]