Need A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea? Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Are A Good Start

As we near Valentine’s Day, the procrastinatory shopper will most likely end up buying chocolate-covered strawberries. Not a bad idea, but why stop there?

The Latin Post is reporting that there are numerous places to buy chocolate-covered strawberries now, and just before that special day, which this year falls on Saturday. Chocolate-covered strawberries, the gift that combines the decadence of chocolate, the goodness and flavor of strawberries, and the artistry of a candymaker to show the one you love how much you care. Many places have them, but can you get them in time for that important day?

Online, Shari’s Berries ( offers special pricing for those who have heard their commercial on the radio.. If you click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and type in “radio” the price for a half dozen gourmet dipped fancy strawberries goes down from $34.99 to $19.99.

The set of six strawberries includes two strawberries dipped in milk chocolate with chopped almonds, two strawberries dipped in dark chocolate with chocolate chips and two strawberries dipped in white chocolate with dark swizzles. For $9 more, you can upgrade to a full dozen of chocolate-covered strawberries, which comes with four of each of the above mentioned strawberries.

Godiva ( is offering special pricing on their shipping of their specially hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries. Ordering a set of six gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries at $42 by Thursday, and the shipping will cost only $19.99 and are guaranteed to arrive by Valentine’s Day. You can also go to their website and find a store nearby and pick them up yourself. There are over 188 stores nationwide. is reporting that failing those options, you can probably find local candy shops or grocery stores that will be making chocolate-covered strawberries for this holiday. However, a chocolate-covered strawberry is just one idea that uses chocolate, strawberries, and a bit of effort. Visiting Driscoll’s Farms website ( will give you numerous ideas to show your true love how much you love them, whether it’s making chocolate-covered strawberries or a derivative of that.


For example, you could make a dark chocolate pudding and top it with slice strawberries arranged in a floral pattern, as shown above. Making extra-chocolate brownie topped with a strawberry in a muffin tin or ramekin is another idea. Driscoll’s also has a recipe for chocolate crepes filled with a cinnamon-mascarpone blend, topped with blueberries and raspberries, but strawberries could be included or used instead. Or, for the kids, making chocolate silver-dollar pancakes, alternating with sliced strawberries and bananas is a treat indeed, shown below.


For the truly adventurous, Driscoll’s also has a recipe for a strawberry-filled no-bake cheesecake with chocolate drizzle, and topped with crushed graham crackers. To add an adult touch, perhaps stirring in some Cointreau for a truly tremendous treat.

Whatever road you decide to take, make sure you do it soon. Because if you do it after Saturday, the doghouse awaits you.

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