Uggie the Dog, Four-Legged Star of The Artist, Has New Greeting Card Gig

Uggie the Dog, star of Golden Globe winner The Artist, has seen his career rocket since his acclaimed appearance in the silent movie. He even made an appearance on the red carpet at the Globes (above)!

Now, Uggie is moving into other lines of work. Artistically satisfied with his work in film, 2011’s most famous movie animal has landed a deal fronting a Valentines card or two for The one image released to date shows a very stylish Uggie skateboarding along a sidewalk, with a caption of, “Awwwwwww, Awwwwwwwsome! That’s you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Uggie is no stranger to the ins and outs (or indeed the fickleness) of Hollywood. An experienced performer, he’s had roles in Water for Elephants and Mr. Fix It. He even clinched the highly sought Palm Dog award for his contribution to canine acting.

Next, it could be the big one: an Academy Award, no less. Well, that is if a new Facebook campaign, ‘Consider Uggie,’ builds on the 6,000 members it has attracted to date.

Paws for thought before telling us whether you think Uggie should become the first animal recipient of an Oscar.

uggie valentines card

[Via E! Online]