Scheana Marie Lawsuit: Where Did The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Get Her Settlement?

A Scheana Marie lawsuit was discussed on Monday night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, but unfortunately for viewers, no additional information was given.

Luckily, a website was able to dig up a few details about the reality star’s past.

On February 8, Ok! Here’s The Situation revealed the following about the Scheana Marie lawsuit.

“We know that she was part of a big class action lawsuit in 2004 when she worked at Hooters in West Covina, California. The suit claimed that the waitresses were being videotaped as they got dressed and accused the company of invasion of privacy, sexual discrimination and harassment, and negligent supervision of a Hooters employee.”

According to the site, the Hooters incident may have resulted in a settlement, but the more probable incident behind the suit was Scheana Marie’s 2012 fall at a Los Angeles restaurant.

“The girls had been drinking, but the floor of the restaurant was wet and both slipped and fell on the way out. Scheana smacked her face on the floor breaking two front teeth and chipping two others. As a result she had to undergo three surgeries and a stem cell graft for a dental bridge. I can’t imagine that this was not the subject of a lawsuit especially since she endured a horrible infection as a result, and it sounds like a bit of a slam dunk for Scheana.”

On the show, fans watched as Marie discussed the incident with Schroeder, slamming her for failing to check up on her after the incident occurred. Then, in a November 2013 blog for Bravo, Marie opened up about the devastating incident.

“I was so upset Stassi didn’t call me because she was there the night I fell. She was the ONLY one there with me that night. She saw how devastating and traumatizing this was for me… I was out for six-and-a-half hours. We didn’t know if the infection was able to be cleared out all the way or how many more surgeries I would need to fix the problem. It wasn’t just a cavity I had filled or a routine cleaning. It was a huge deal.”

Since their fight, as the Inquisitr reported, Marie and Schroeder have remained on the outs.

On February 9, The Examiner confirmed the Scheana Marie lawsuit discussed on last night’s Vanderpump Rules was in regard to her fall at the unnamed restaurant.

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