Sammy Davis Jr.’s ‘Adopted’ Son Says He Is Really The Love Child Of The Rat Pack Singer

Sammy Davis Jr.’s “adopted” son found out that he was really the love child of the Rat Pack singer. In spite of the wealth accumulated by his talented and famous father, Mark Davis still works at Costco. The younger Davis was reportedly led to believe that the Rat Packer had adopted him when he was two.

Mark Davis now says that Sammy Davis Jr. looked up from his death bed and said, “You are my son” but he did not realize the true meaning of his father’s statement at the time. It was only after Sammy Davis Jr.’s love child unearthed his birth certificate for the first time in 2013 that he realized what the “Mr. Bojangles” singer was truly relaying to him before he passed away.

According to Mark Davis, his birth certificate revealed that Sammy Davis Jr.’s then wife, May Britt, was his mother, but the singer’s son said the woman is not his real mother, and to this day, he has no idea about the identity of his birth mother. “I am a living question mark. I have never understood where I come from,” Davis said during an interview with the Daily Mail.

Mark Davis, 55, is reportedly “almost penniless” and works at the photo counter at a Hollywood area Costco store. Sammy Davis Jr.’s love child is a married father of two. Davis also said that he first heard the term “adopted” when reading an article Life magazine wrote about the family of Sammy Davis Jr. during the 1960s.

May Britt has reportedly told Mark Davis that she is not his biological mother, and she never learned the true identity of his birth mom. Many media reports during the Rat Pack era and afterwards claimed that Sammy Davis Jr. was a heavy drinker and had multiple affairs. Mark Davis tends to believe that he was fathered illegitimately with a “mystery white woman” during a time when interracial marriages were illegal in many states.

Mark Davis also shared that his teenage son Ryan has physical features “identical” to those of Sammy Davis Jr. and is a natural drummer just like his famous Rat Pack grandfather. He also says that those in Sammy’s inner circle have also stated that he is the singer’s biological son.

“If I am dad’s natural son, and I believe very much that could be the case, then there could have been many reasons why I was put down as adopted. Maybe it was the whole showbiz thing and the scandal it might cause or the color thing or even that my natural mother’s identity had to remain secret too,” Mark Davis said.

Sammy Davis Jr.’s love child went on to add, “Dad was very loving when I was a kid, but being adopted never made sense to me as dad and mom had a daughter Tracey, who is a year younger than me. Why would they adopt an older child after having Tracey? I don’t know about those two years. Nobody can tell me anything. Was I brought by dad from hiding after that because the heat had died down? I just don’t know,” Davis said.

May Britt and Sammy Davis Jr. also adopted anther son, Jeff, during their eight year marriage. The couple divorced in 1968 over infidelity claims with Britt and the children moving to Lake Tahoe. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Mark Davis said that contact with Sammy Davis Jr. was minimal after the divorce. After the Rat Pack singer married former showgirl Altovise Gore in 1970, Davis said he and his siblings only got a chance to speak to him about “every two to four years.” He added, “I’d get a birthday card now and then if I was lucky and I always treasured them.”

During the 1980s, Mark Davis began drinking heavily. It took three trips to rehab for the singer’s son to get his life together. Sammy Davis Jr. then gave him a job as an assistant stage manager, and the younger Davis toured the country with his father.

“I used to watch his warm-ups and rehearsals and marvel at his genius. He was called the world’s greatest entertainer and I loved him to death. There has never been another like him. I couldn’t talk to my father because all the messages came from other people around him. He wouldn’t take phone calls, he wouldn’t return messages and he largely ignored me. It is never going to be the same between my sons and me.”

The two Davis men became estranged after Sammy Davis Jr. allegedly became interested in a girl his son was dating. The pair rarely saw each other during the final years of the singer’s life – until the conversation at the Rat Pack star’s death bed.

Just hours after Sammy Davis Jr. passed away, IRS agents reportedly arrived and seized all of his belongings to pay a $7 million tax bill. “I would like to know who I really am, but I can get by with the love of the people I care for,” Mark Davis concluded.

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