Sean Lowe Breaks His Silence On Andi Dorfman’s Dramatic Split With Josh Murray

Sean Lowe is one of the more successful contestants on The Bachelor as he managed to find love. He got married last year to Catherine Giudici in an ABC wedding special, and he has been the proud example for the network, showing that the process does work - sometimes. Many people felt that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray were ready to set another example of how love conquers all, but even Lowe was shocked when they split.

Just days prior to making their split announcement, Sean Lowe was on the red carpet with Andi and Josh. And apparently, they had Lowe fooled just as much as the viewers who were watching. The couple were asked about wedding planning, and they fooled everyone. Now, Lowe has had some time to think about it all, and he is speaking out.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Sean Lowe is now revealing that he was thrown for a loop when Dorfman and Murray announced their split. Both Sean and his wife had no idea that Andi already had one foot out the door.

"We were at the premiere of the newest Bachelor with Andi and Josh," Sean Lowe's wife Catherine revealed about the couple, adding, "We were on the red carpet with them, I was hanging out with Andi, he was hanging out with Josh. We were just, you know, talking about everything cause we're all friends... It was so strange. The timing of it couldn't have been weirder. Right after The Bachelor premiere where they showed up like that."

Sean Lowe reveals now that it was awkward for them to be on the red carpet, facing all of these questions about the future, when they both knew that the relationship was essentially over.

"I was asking Josh if they were planning their wedding," Sean said, revealing, "They probably shouldn't have done that red carpet."

While the couple managed to put on happy faces on the red carpet, things have been happening behind closed doors, making this breakup a little nasty. According to the Inquisitr, Josh indirectly accused Andi of logging on to his social media pages using his passwords. Dorfman has denied the allegations.

And while Dorfman and Murray try to move on from the spotlight, Sean Lowe and his wife just celebrated one year of marriage. Lowe and Giudici packed their bags and went on a romantic trip. It sounds like Sean and Catherine remain the ideal couple from the Bachelor franchise.

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[Image via ABC]