‘Bachelor’ Kelsey Poe Says She Can’t Be Defeated, Ashley Iaconetti Blasts Kelsey

Kelsey Poe isn’t letting getting sent home by Chris Soules and the public criticism that she has received since appearing on The Bachelor get her down. A day prior to Monday night’s episode, Kelsey posted a message on her Facebook page that makes clear that she’s stronger than ever.

Kelsey believes that the experience of being on the show has awakened her. She wrote that “the rose is just a rouse.” On top of her photo is a quote that states that a woman who’s lost everything cannot be defeated.”

Kelsey, who not so long ago lost her husband suddenly, has received a barrage of public criticism for how she talked about the tragedy on the show. On the previous episode, she tearfully told Chris about her late husband, Sanderson Poe, before kissing him and then telling the camera, with a laugh, that she loves her “amazing” story.

After being sent home by Chris Soules on Monday night’s The Bachelor episode, Poe again told the camera about her amazing story.

“It’s tragic and it’s inspiring and it’s beautiful. I am immeasurably blessed. I have no regrets because I did exactly what I came here to do. … I’ve lost before and I’ve survived. I’m here. I rise above it.”

Amid all the critical comments that Kelsey Poe has received on her Facebook page, she did receive one comment that supported her. One woman, who said that she’s the aunt of Kelsey’s late husband, slammed people for being so hateful towards Kelsey and defended her.

“Kelsey is a wonderful person and was such a joy to our family and to Sanderson. Let those who live in glass houses throw stones. She is just too classy for this show. She just felt that she might find happiness again with Chris. All my love to her she is an amazing woman.”

Kelsey previously explained that her “amazing” comment is in regards to how she was able to overcome the tragedy and become a stronger person.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelsey received so much criticism that at one point, she deleted her Twitter page.

One person who questioned Kelsey’s story was fellow Chris Soules competitor Ashley Iaconetti, the woman who made a big deal about being a virgin. At one point, Ashley wondered if Kelsey was just lying and asked The Bachelor‘s crew if they have any proof as to Kelsey’s story.

Both Kelsey and Ashley were sent home after an awkward two-on-one date. During the date, Ashley told Chris about Kelsey’s perceived fakeness, only to have Chris later tell Kelsey what Ashley told him, leading to a tense confrontation between the two.

As Iaconetti watched the episode, she bashed Poe for questioning her intentions based on what she looks like.

“Didn’t know wearing makeup meant I’m not a genuine person….” she tweeted.

Without Kelsey Poe and Ashley Iaconetti on The Bachelor, the remaining episodes will likely be a lot less dramatic and controversial.

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