Mihai Nesu – Inspirational Soccer Player

You may not have heard about Mihai Nesu. The former Romanian international also plied his trade for Dutch side FC Utrecht. Strong on the ball, Nesu had pace and desire. A Dutch friend of mine would tell me what a player Nesu was. That is until last year in May when a horrendous training accident left Nesu in a wheelchair, with no feeling in most of his body. Mihai Nesu will never play soccer again and will never have the chance to make a name for himself.

Now, Mihai Nesu has had his first press conference. He tells of his wish to be able to move his left hand as at present he can only move his right. Nesu also talks of launching the Mihai Nesu Foundation, for helping handicapped children in Romania. Nesu said:

“I’ll work hard for this Foundation. I don’t want it to be forgotten about like other thousands of Foundations, I want it to mean something! I did this Foundation because I’ve had support from people, and, with their help, we can in turn offer support to those in need. I want to help handicapped people in Romania to have a more normal life, to integrate, to go to normal schools. At present this is not possible because schools, museums and cinemas have stairs only for people without handicap.”

Along with his Foundation, Mihai Nesu hopes to be involved in the soccer world in some form. In any case, hats off to this remarkable man and his passion to make a difference in people’s lives.

Source: Onlinesport.ro