‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Talks Episode 6, Teases Episode 7: What Does He Reveal?

Monday night fans of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season were treated to quite the episode. Chris Soules sent both Kelsey Poe and Ashley Iaconetti home on the two-on-one date. He also had his first date with Becca Tilley, and his alone time with Britt Nilsson caused a lot of hurt feelings. What does Soules have to say about it all after the fact?

Chris is blogging for People each week this season, and he had plenty to share after Monday’s episode. Soules says that he felt terrible that something he said may have caused Kelsey to have a panic attack. Many suspect that Kelsey’s panic attack was faked, and Chris says he did think something was a bit off with it. He says the timing seemed strange, but he had seen a sweet and kind person with a sad past, and he wasn’t feeling manipulated by her, so the questionable panic attack wasn’t enough for him to send her home that night.

Soules’ date with Becca went well, and he says that their kiss solidified what he already knew in that their connection was strong and real. He does note that while viewers already know that Becca was a virgin, he hadn’t been told yet, and he teases that fans will have to keep watching to see how it unfolds.

There was a lot of tension on the group date because Chris and Britt were so affectionate in front of the other ladies, and it didn’t help that they snuck off together for the Big & Rich concert. Soules says he does feel badly about getting cozy with Britt in front of the others, and he admits he’s an idiot for doing that. He says he should have been more aware of who could see them, and he should have been more conscious of controlling his impulses and feelings.

The Bachelor star says that taking Britt to sneak away to the concert just felt right, but heading back to the group date was awkward. He says he didn’t expect the other ladies to react the way they did, and he didn’t think Britt would tell them about the concert after he said goodbye. He thought she’d keep it to herself, and it broke his heart to see how Carly, Whitney, and Kaitlyn reacted.

Of course, then there was the two-on-one date. Soules says he dreaded it, and he wanted to take bachelorettes he felt unsure about so he’d be forced to make a decision. He wanted to see if there was really a connection with Kelsey, and he wanted to know if there was more than just chemistry with Ashley.

Soules says the helicopter ride with Kelsey and Ashley was perhaps the most uncomfortable thing he’s ever experienced as the tension between Ashley and Kelsey was thick. The ride was a hot two hours long, and because he knew the two were jealous of one another, he barely looked at or touched either of them.

Chris says he appreciated Ashley telling him how Kelsey was in the house, and he told Kelsey about the conversation because he wanted her to have the opportunity to explain things. As she talked, though, Soules says he felt that she was being insincere and calculated, and it felt similar to how she had been with the panic attack.

As for Ashley, Chris says sending her home had nothing to do with her talking about Kelsey and everything to do with her not being in the same place in life he is. He was caught off-guard by her mentioning Britt’s name, but it seems the comment planted some seeds that will play out next week. Given to the Episode 7 Bachelor spoilers, fans may be able to expect another conversation about someone not being a fit for a life on an Iowa farm, it seems.

Soules teases that the next episode is even more intense. The show will open up with a rose ceremony, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that Megan Bell leaves. Viewers will see a “Chris Tells All” special before the regular episode Sunday night where everybody heads to Iowa for dates, and then the hometown dates will air on Monday. It seems that Sunday’s show will also include a segment with Andi Dorfman where she talks about her split with Josh Murray.

Show host Chris Harrison shared via TV Guide that during the “Chris Tell All,” he will also chat with Kelsey Poe, and fans saw a bit of it in the preview. Harrison notes that she ends up seeming to be in denial, not understanding why the women would have had issues with her. It may be interesting to watch, but it doesn’t sound as if it will likely shed any light on how sincere she may or may not have been.

Chris teases that the dates in Iowa were the biggest turning point for him during filming, and he also teases that he learns about Jade’s Playboy past during Monday’s show. Is that what gets her sent home or is it a non-factor for Soules? Tune in ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season airing on Sunday, February 15 and Monday, February 16 to see just what happens next as Chris Soules searches for love.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]