Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Echoes Renée Zellwegger Fallout – See Photos Here

Uma Thurman has long been known as one of the most distinctive faces in Hollywood. Uma’s sharp Nordic features have led to her taking on characters – most notably The Bride in Kill Bill– that would difficult for many to pull off without intense range of facial expressions. Like fellow actress Renée Zellwegger, Thurman’s out-of-the-Hollywood-norm beauty has been picked apart over the years; and it appears that the criticism has caught up to her much like it did with Renée.

Uma Thurman 2.0 con Material Design..

— El Amigo Informático (@E1Am1g01nf0rma1) February 10, 2015

Uma premiered her new look when at an event for her NBC series The Slap, a remake of the critically acclaimed Australian show. Much like when Zellwegger made the same move late last year, there has already been a flurry of press surrounding the changes that Thurman has undergone. Fans have also reacted with shock, though many appear to be making light of Uma’s change. Some have even re-imagined classic Thurman roles with her new face, while others compared her new look to the faces of Vladimir Putin and Meryl Streep.

While it is jarring to see Uma’s new look imposed on to characters that made her famous, it does seem a little odd to put them together as evidence of the drastic nature of her alteration. After all, Pulp Fiction celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. During filming, Thurman was in her early 20s. A long set of think pieces are sure to follow the unveiling of Uma’s new look, many of them making points such as this one from The Daily Dot about Zellwegger’s facial surgery.

“The truth is, most women of Zellweger’s age (45) in Hollywood have had a nip here and a tuck there, regardless of whether they still regularly appear on-screen. It appears that Zellweger’s only crimes were a) being a woman in a society that punishes women who get cosmetic surgery for being “vain,” while rewarding similarly surgically altered men like Rourke with Oscar nominations and b) getting a nip and tuck too much, or getting them from the wrong doctor.”

It’s not likely that people are going to be any more gentle with Uma Thurman’s change than they were with Renée Zellwegger’s, but who is to say that Uma’s intention was to go unnoticed? As Renée famously replied to the controversy around her own “new face” premiere, “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.”

[Images via Wallpaper 2020 and Twitter]