Kyle Richards Deals With Impersonator Who Reached Out To Sister Kim

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has had a troublesome year, as she has tried to make things right with her sister, Kim Richards. But since Kim has become such good friends with Brandi Glanville, it is tough for Kyle to really get close to Kim. As shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last week, Kim didn’t defend Kyle as Brandi snapped, calling out Kyle for not supporting Kim throughout her sobriety.

The last thing Kyle Richards needs is someone pretending to be her on social media, reaching out to the people who she isn’t getting along with. But this happened this week, as Kyle learned of an imposter who was reaching out to her sister, Kim.

According to a new set of tweets, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards now has something new to deal with as she has this impostor on Twitter. While many of the housewives have fan accounts that honor the stars, this particular account is actually pretending to be Kyle Richards. And she isn’t too pleased with that.

“How is this possible to have the same name on Twitter? that’s not me,” Kyle Richards asked in confusion, as one account claimed to be her, using a very interesting Twitter handle. But Richards figured it out, as the account had been registered by manipulating letters.

“I figured it out…. The ‘L’ in Kyle is actually a capital ‘I’…. Kyle Richards, I would appreciate you taking this down please. Thank you,” Richards tweeted to the person who had started the account.

Kyle can contact Twitter to have the account removed and deleted, since she is a verified person. And the tweets that were shared on this new account were a little creepy. The person pretended to be Richards, and sent tweets out to Kim, clearly getting involved in the drama between the sisters.

“You know I always have your back, a sisters bond is strong than any other,” read one tweet tagging Kim Richards in it, while another said, “Always so proud of my hubby Mauricio Umansky, get it honey!”

Of course, an impostor can be a hilarious thing to deal with, but the timing is bad for Kyle. Richards recently had the fight with Brandi over her sister’s sobriety, because Glanville doesn’t believe that Kyle is supportive of her sister. According to the Inquisitr, Kyle has revealed that she thinks her co-star is vicious and downright evil for trying to get involved.

What do you think about Kyle Richards’ impostor? Do you think it is rude for someone to pretend to be her and reach out to her loved ones?

[Image via Bravo]