Men Are From Mars, And Jesus Christ Is From Venus?

You know that saying, men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Well according to the Aetherius Society, it's all wrong because it was Jesus Christ who was actually from Venus.

The Big Questions TV Show aired on BBC on Sunday and featured the head of the Aetherius Society, Mark Bennett, to discuss whether beings from other planets have "guided our religions," according to the Huffington Post.

Nicky Campbell, host of the show, began by saying, "Last month NASA's Kepler space telescope identified another planet that might have the right conditions for life...It will be no surprise to the followers of those religions who've long believed that life - possibly not as we know it - exists elsewhere in the galaxy. Life which has possibly exerted its influence here on planet Earth. Have beings from other planets guided our religions?"

What happened next left many speechless, causing the internet "to blink in disbelief."

Bennett answered Campbell's question by stating that it was he and his group's belief that Jesus Christ was indeed an alien. And Jesus wasn't the only one either.

According to the Christian Post, Bennett went on to explain, "We believe that Jesus and Buddha came from Venus, that Sri Krishna came from Saturn, that Saint Peter came from Mars, and so on."

And so on went Bennett. He added that he believes there are civilizations on other planets, "such as the 'Venusian' settlement on Venus" where Jesus originated.

So why haven't we found these so called settlements and civilizations where Jesus and Buddha came from yet?

Bennett responded, it's because "they are so technologically and spiritually advanced that they exist at a 'higher frequency of vibration.'"

Also a part of the program was a representative from the British Union Of Spiritist Societies, who backed up Bennett and his group by stating, "Aliens from other planets reincarnate on earth and give us messages through dreams and intuition."

So Jesus Christ is an alien from Venus, and our dreams are messages from reincarnated aliens? Sounds a little hard to believe as stated the plethora of tweets using the show's hashtag, "#BBCTBQ."

I guess it's up to viewers and readers to decide now if they believe Jesus Christ a prophet, the son of God or an alien from Venus who came to be a "master of love."

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