Lisa Vanderpump’s Staff Celebrates Scheana Marie’s Wedding On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Lisa Vanderpump’s staff celebrated the wedding of Scheana Marie and Mike Shay on Monday night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, and in her Bravo blog, the restaurant owner looked back on the ceremony.

“I thought maybe some of my staff might have been in the closet over the years, but I didn’t think it would be Scheana on her wedding day,” Vanderpump began on February 9.

After being forced to hide herself so the men could make their way to the ceremony location, Marie retreated into a closet at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Southern California.

Meanwhile, the drama with her co-stars, including her friend at the time, Kristen Doute, was reaching an all-time high.

“Hold on a second–I thought nothing happened between you and this girl, rewind that tape. When you’re making your Lisa Vanderpump voodoo dolls, you should actually be making out an application for another job, sweetie.”

While Doute’s behavior was far from attractive to Vanderpump, she was impressed with Marie’s friendship with Ariana Madix, who served as a bridesmaid in the wedding and has long been a part of Lisa Vanderpump’s staff.

“It’s actually really nice to see Scheana and Ariana so close together. It’s one of the relationships that’s been really positive. That kind of friendship…it’s certainly something I haven’t experienced before, but whatever floats their boat.”

Vanderpump also enjoyed seeing Mike Shay celebrate his “last day of freedom” with Tom Sandoval.

“I love the moment between Shay and Tom Sandoval. He’s kind of a bundle of nerves, but he looks so cute, and he’s so excited.”

Marie has also been a part of Lisa Vanderpump’s staff for quite some time. However, Vanderpump doesn’t always understand Marie. During the season, the two had words after Marie fought with Kristen Doute on the patio of SUR, and when it came to her wedding style, Vanderpump deemed Marie “unconventional.”

“I mean her wedding dress was slightly unconventional, but I think that’s who Scheana is, and I think it’s kind of a day where you parade your own style, and I think that’s what she did. It wouldn’t be my choice, but I honestly thought she looked beautiful.”

As the Inquistr previously reported, Marie’s wedding didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, but overall, it was a momentous occasion, which she and her husband will, of course, not forget.

On Twitter, after her wedding aired, Marie shared the following message with fans.

“Thanks for watching w me tonight guys! Hope you enjoyed my wedding. I’m on twitter break! Love you all!!”

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[Photo via Twitter]