Maci Bookout Baby Name Revealed? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Reportedly Picks Unique Name

Late last year, Maci Bookout announced that she was expecting a second child. At the time, she was 16-weeks pregnant and already knew that she was having a baby girl. Since then, fans have been itching to know any new information about her baby girl and, on Monday, Maci’s baby name may have been revealed.

Maci appeared on Talk Radio’s 102.3 and spoke to Brian Joyce. Unfortunately, the radio show was not archived and listening to it after the Teen Mom’s appearance seems almost impossible. Nevertheless, around the time Maci was on the show, rumors started swirling that her baby name had been revealed as well as her due date.

It is best to point out that this has not been confirmed, but many fans on Twitter have been speaking out about the baby name and they have some strong opinions. While Jade seems to be a favorite among fans, many are questioning the middle name, Carter. To some, this sounds like a traditional boys name and some people are confused why Maci and Taylor would pick this as a middle name.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maci Bookout was reportedly considering the names June and Harley for her baby girl. Harley, of course, would have been quite fitting, especially considering Maci’s son’s name is Bentley. However, it seems that she and Taylor decided to go in a completely different direction, if the rumors are true.

While Maci hasn’t tweeted about the baby name personally, she has been outspoken about her pregnancy. She has had many sleepless nights and has revealed that her baby girl has already been keeping her awake at night. Of course, Maci still has a good while to go before she gives birth, but pregnancy itself is difficult, no matter the stage.

Taylor McKinney recently moved to Tennessee to be closer to Maci and he will appear on the new season of Teen Mom. The two do not have any immediate plans for marriage, but may tie the knot once their baby girl arrives. It turns out the pregnancy was a shock to both involved. Maci had been diagnosed with PCOS and found out subsequent pregnancies would be difficult. At the time, Maci spoke out to InTouch regarding the news.

“This baby is such a blessing. I’m calling her my miracle baby. This time I’m able to be excited because I’m older and able to give my baby the stability of the relationship that Taylor and I have.”

As of right now, Maci Bookout has not taken to Twitter or Facebook to confirm the baby’s name herself, so while most fans are accepting the name “Jade Carter,” it may be best to wait for official confirmation on one of Maci’s social networking accounts.

[Image: via Instagram]