WWE News: Seth Rollins Involved In Nude Picture Scandal, Will This Affect His Main Event Push?

On Monday Night Raw tonight, things got out of hand quickly. The first two matches the WWE set up both ended in disqualification. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns couldn’t defeat the Big Show and Kane. Seth Rollins and Ryback also ended due to J&J Security interfering. While there are a lot of events that will take place tonight, the biggest event is occurring outside of the ring.

According to SEScoops.com, Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked and the inappropriate pictures included an NXT diva.

“Rollins’ official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts posted a nude photo of young woman with the caption, “Zahra Schreiber” – a developmental talent at NXT.

“The photos have since been removed but are still circulating on social media. As of this writing, neither Rollins nor Schreiber have commented on the situation.”

There has since been an update to the story. While, the WWE Universe is claiming that Rollins knows nothing about the situation and was certainly hacked, his fiancee, Leighla Schultz, decided to retaliate on her own Twitter page.

The photos on both social media accounts were taken down and deleted, but they are still being shared on social media. WWE is not in a prime situation, because more fans at home are worried about the scandal involving the nude photos, instead of Monday Night Raw. Very big wrestling sources are commenting on the situation, which is even more bad press for WWE tonight.

More than likely, Rollins’ girlfriend had no idea he was hacked, but rather Rollins was acting out and posting the pictures themselves. Both look like a very happy couple on social media, as the two train together on a regular basis. Also, Shultz’s Twitter bio has not changed from the “@WWERollins’ girlfriend” status.

The history for Rollins is very clean, as he’s never gotten in trouble for drugs, alcohol, or even disorderly misconduct. He’s stayed extremely careful with the law as a whole. This also comes at a very bad time, because Rollins is near the top of the WWE totem pole. While he was unofficially removed from the WWE World Heavyweight championship picture, he’s still the top heel in the company.

Rollins cannot afford to get into trouble, because WWE needs a man like him to keep the main event scene intact. Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and the Authority are still in a feud right now, which heavily involves Rollins. This situation isn’t over, as the WWE, or Rollins, will have to answer to the instances that occurred very soon.


This story is picking up swiftly and it’s only getting worse for Seth Rollins. According to WrestlingNewsSource.com, Rollins’ fiancee, Leighan Shultz, posted a message on Facebook with her friend that had the post read, “Send nudes.” Also in the post, she wrote down quotes that would about love and “from a distance.” That could insinuate the kind of things Rollins says to her while he is gone.

Also in the report, a WWE fan by the name of Lindsay is from Canada. She is now claiming to have had a “love affair” with Seth Rollins on Snapchat. While this crazy story unravels, check back here for more updates.

[Image via business2community.com]