Prison Inmate Impregnates Four Prison Guards, Runs Drug Operation While Locked In Baltimore Jail

One resourceful Baltimore prison inmate was able to impregnate four female prison guards and run a drug operation while in a Baltimore jail. All of this was done while the former gang leader was locked behind bars for charges of attempted murder.

According to the Daily Mail, charges against Tavon “Bulldog” White, a former commander of the Black Guerilla Family, was sentenced to just 12 years in prison after it was determined he was responsible for overseeing a contraband smuggling operation within the prison. White was the leader of the operation which would smuggle in both drugs and cell phones to the Baltimore jail. White made media headlines when the Baltimore City Detention Center issued a sweeping indictment of 44 people, which included 27 corrections officers. White was included in that indictment and was just sentenced for those charges.

Despite White’s issues within the prison sentence, prosecutors told the judge that White “made the prison safer.” Prosecutors claim that gang members in the prison system would listen to White and when he imposed a “no stabbing” policy in the prison, it was followed. Prosecutors also commended White on speaking up and testifying against others in the ring.

WBAL reports that the 12-year sentence was eight years less than the 20 year maximum that White was facing. The judge took into consideration White’s contribution to a “safer” prison and White had accepted a plea deal for serving as a key witness in the trials of others in the prison-wide indictment. In total, White helped convict 39 other people in the Baltimore jail scandal. However, White himself will technically not spend any additional time in jail for the racketeering charges as the sentence will be served concurrent with his 20-year sentence for attempted murder.

Prosecutors were able to use White’s testimony to put others in the racketeering scheme behind bars.

“White became prosecutors’ most valuable asset and said he directed guards motivated by sex and money to smuggle in drugs and cellphones.”

In one of the more interesting twists in White’s stint in the Baltimore Detention Center, White impregnated four female prison guards while he was being jailed for attempted murder. White says he never forced the women to do anything with him, he didn’t have to.

“I didn’t have to. I had my children’s mothers and plenty of other guards willing to do it for money.”

White also acknowledged, on an intercepted phone call, that he was responsible for making every final call in the jail.

“This is my jail. You understand that. I make every final call in this jail… everything come to me.”

What do you think of the prison inmate’s ability to impregnate four prison guards while running a racketeering ring within the prison walls? Should he have gotten off so lightly?