Teen’s Tweet Pizza Fired: Boss Fires Teen After Reading Her Tweet About The Job

A teen’s tweet about her job at a pizza place got her fired. According to the New York Daily News, the teen was recently hired to work at a pizza shop in Mansfield, Texas, but apparently she was really dreading it. So much so that she expressed her feelings on Twitter, likely not expecting her new boss to see her post.

“Ew I start this f–k a– job tomorrow,” the girl tweeted before going to her new job. Her boss, Robert Waple, saw the tweet and responded with one of his own.

“And… no you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!” Waple tweeted. He explained that he would have preferred to fire the girl over the phone, but he wasn’t in the office. This was the first time that Waple used his Twitter account in over five years.

The teen’s tweet that got her fired from the pizza shop wasn’t the be all end all of this either. Apparently she thought it was hilarious that she got fired over Twitter. And a lot of other people found it entertaining too. The girl — known as “Cella” on Twitter — didn’t hashtag the company or call anyone out. She just wasn’t happy about having to go to work. And while she may have insulted plenty of people who work at pizza shops (her new boss included), “Cella” was expressing what millions of people feel. Plenty of people complain about their jobs on social media, and most don’t get fired for not wanting to go to work.

Since the story broke, Cella has become Twitter-famous. She has over 2,000 followers, and has been spending time retweeting messages from people all over the world. According to ABC 7, the story was so crazy that some people thought it simply had to be made up. But it’s all true.

“Many were skeptical if the feud was authentic. Many pointed out how Waple’s account had relatively few followers as the tirade began. However, Waple’s public Facebook page lists him as the owner of Jet’s Pizza from June 2013 to present.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people have been encouraging Cella to get a lawyer, and to take action against this firing. Do you think that’s a good idea? Or should Cella just realize that the job was “never meant to be”? What do you make of Cella’s new internet fame?

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]